Thursday, 23 September 2010

23rd April: Shopping at Plaza Singapura and Dinner at Banana Leaf Apollo

DSC00053    2010-04   

A big breakfast for a family of four, a future daughter in love, oops.. I mean in law.. and a family friend… Chinese Char Siew Buns and lotus leaf buns with luncheon meat…

DSC00057 DSC00058


A day of shopping at Plaza Singapura… Yohan bought like 6 pairs of shoes from Pedro and the salesman refused to give a single bit of discount… Grumble grumble….

DSC00059 DSC00060    DSC00064  DSC00066  

Hanging around to wait for our dinner.. Got caught sleeping… Ugly sleeping photo…..


DSC00069 DSC00070 DSC00071 DSC00072

Dinner was at Banana Leaf Apollo… Food was good, but wayyyyy over priced…

Monday, 6 September 2010

22nd April: Future in Laws’ visit to Newton Hawker

DSC00041 DSC00042

The future in laws spent a nice morning at Yohan’s place while I studied CFA. However, I was going to have French lessons in the evening where Yohan’s family decided to go for a shopping at Bugis junction.

DSC00043 DSC00044

DSC00045 DSC00046 

After my lesson, I found the heartwarming family waiting for me, with Nicolas, at the first story of Alliance Francaise.. :) All of us were hungry with no food and dinner.. So we walked to Newton Food Centre for a good helping of local delights…

DSC00048  DSC00050 DSC00051 DSC00052

The rice which came along with the satay wasn’t exactly the kind of rice that Patrick would have wanted to eat though… HAhaha… Too sticky and ball-ish I guess..

Friday, 3 September 2010

21st April 2010: Meet the Parents at Red House Seafood Restaurant


Yohan’s parents fainally arrived at the Singapore Changi Airport.. Yohan and I were really excited to pick them as I was discharged in the very same day. Mummy helped to pick them and drop us of at Yohan’s place so that they could take a short break before we went for our delicious dinner..DSC00018

Mummy suggested seafood at East Coast so that we could have the Launays enjoy the wonderful beach and great seafood and Red House Seafood Restaurant..


The total bill came up to over $500 for about 9 of us.. Well, its seafood… :SDSC00020

The upper level of the restaurant was air conditioned.. Thank god for that!! And most importantly, our parents finally got to meet each other.. Only problem was that my mum was speaking English to people who responded to her in French.. It was rather funny.. Haha…DSC00021

Red House Seafood Restaurant

Address: 1204 East Coast Parkway #01-05 East Coast Seafood Centre Singapore

Tel: +65 6442 3112