Sunday, 28 December 2008

Breakfast at Choupinette

Food bloggers were to meet at Choupinette Bukit Timah for Breakfast..
Choupinette (beside coronation plaza)
607 Bukit Timah road #01-01
Tel: 6466 0613
DSC05092 DSC05076 
Here is a good view of the quaint little bakery shop.. Check out the little decorations on the table… It has this whole provencal touch to it.
DSC05079  DSC05081
Here you see my quiche lorraine.. Its yummy good.. But it ain’t as good as the ones from Maison Rabelais. I love those!
 DSC05082 DSC05083 
Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce.. Together with a chocolate dessert slice… Palais Royal. Dark chocolate with ‘crunchy praline’ Why did I put the ‘'’? Cuz there isn’t any! $6.90 for this! I might as well have a sweet pleasure!
DSC05085 DSC05086
Tarte au citron for $5.60? No no no… Meringue with bites of sugar in the meringue felt wrong.. I would prefer to head to Canele for the Tarte au citron.. That is the best one ever…
Eclair au chocolat for $5? No no for me either.. First the shape ain’t exactly the prettiest one around, next, the cream in the eclair lack a good punch of flavour in it..
DSC05087  DSC05089
Millefeuille framboise.. Translated simply, puff pastry layers with raspberry and cream.. $7 and the puff pastry was say… Less than satisfactory.. The puff pastry wasn’t fragrant enough..
Vendome at $6.90.. This was plain mousse… But it did remind me alot of my triple chocolate bailey;s cheesecake.. Maybe I can serve mine this way and charge the same premium.. :D
 DSC05090 DSC05091
$2 for cheapo magnolia ice cream with $5.90 tarte aux pommes… Again, this was a disappointment.. Reason? The ice cream ruined the pie with the horrible low quality.. There are some things which you should never compromise the quality..
Lastly, Macarons… I’m not a big fan of Macarons.. But these ones here are way below satisfaction… Take my word on that.. Look at the shape of the ones in the left platter… Its… ugly…

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Baguettes

 DSC05046 DSC05047 DSC05048
Since it was Christmas, nothing says partay!!! Like Curry!! Curry? Wasn’t cooked by me.. But the Baguettes? Of course by moi!
By special request, I baked chicken wings in the oven which my sister loved.. :)
Aunt nicole bought a loaf of honey baked ham over and I re-roasted the cold slab of ham in the oven…
Not so helpful Mango here…
DSC05053 DSC05054   DSC05062
Annual dress up party games.. Last year’s team was bikini babes while this year’s theme is Miss Bikini.. As usual, the winner is my cousin James.. Winner third year in the running.. Haha..
 DSC05065 DSC05066
The other Bikini Babes in action
I think this game was to pass a ball of yarn through your clothes… And after that unpass it again.. So you can see my cousin Jeslyn trying to tug on the yarn from my neighour’s kid’s shirt…
 DSC05070 DSC05071
The famous newspaper dance game! My garang mother tried to piggy bag her Karaoke friend to get ready for the small piece of newspaper dance they had to win.. :D

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Log Cake

A simple Chocolate Log cake with everything special in it!! Chocolate sponge with a hint of Bailey’s (My favourite!) Rolled with fragrant butter cream and coated with Chocolate Ganache.. My second Christmas Log Cake turned out pretty well!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Danish Loaf

This fabulously tasty bread needs alot of work. The bread of life sells this same bread at $6 or $7 per loaf..
Its worth every cent of it because it is so much work!! Just like making puff pastry!!! :S

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dinner at Ding Tai Feng Jurong Point

Had dinner with Aero fells again at Jurong Point.. This time round, the expensive Ding Tai Feng…  DSC05034
Who can say no to the soup filled xiao long bao.. As healthy as it seems, nobody have an inkling how much pork fat the little dumpling holds.. Haha… 
Desserts is a must for people like me.. Wahaha.. :P Here is Lavender, a mousse cake scented with Lavender.. Just a little something special..
DSC05036 DSC05037
Macaron from Bakerzin.. Lacks something.. Kinda how I’m feeling now.. missing something.. probably someone..

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sweet Pleasures

12th December 2008
Sweet Pleasure at Bakerzin
15th Dec 2008
Mango’s sweet pleasure: Seating in the car and feeling the wind ruffle through her curls..DSC05030DSC05029
17th Dec 2008
A little gift from Samuel who returned from Korea.. Chocolate.. For women.. Cuz women eat chocolate most…. :)  

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Jiemei’s Birthday

My many years’ junior was on this day and She wanted a yam cake, shaped like a key.. Haha… DSC05013

Friday, 5 December 2008

A lunch at Seletar Country Club

After a talk with people at Jet Aviation regarding my FYP project, the bunch of us headed to Seletar Country Club for a lunch. The price is fairly reasonable and for Al Fresco dining, the view of a golf course and a reservoir while dining isn’t so bad. :) DSC05006Prof Butler ordered German sausages and it was really good!!! He gave me some to try! I love them!! :) 

DSC05008 I had Thai Beef Noodles.. It was not bad.. The soup had a good beefy aroma and strong fragrance of the coriander..