Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Cream and more cream

Well, the pollls have closed... I think 7 days is too short to make a decision on what I want. But it is valuable feedback nonetheless.. Think I should use that poll thing that Si Han uses. It seems more useful.. Think I will soon create more polls to determine some things I wonder and how trends go. Sometimes, I find myself too much immersed in studying in NTU and teaching tuition and creating some of my really lousy bakes that I lose touch with what's going on around me. The newspaper I asked mummy to order keeps piling up cuz I can't find the time to read it. Partyly because I'm always wasting time doing nonsensical stuff.. Lol... But it feels good to do so nonetheless.

Pretty pissed with school admin and education policies though. I feel that Exams are getting pretty pointless. Cuz we're like year 3 and sick of the past 4 semester filled with exams, we now have this 'I ONLY WANT TO KNOW WAD COMES OUT IN THE EXAM. NOT TESTED, DUN TEACH' I agree with it since I am one of those with such mentalities. On top of that, the weightage of Exam is too much and it only allows one screw up and that's it! No more chance unless you da pao. Imagine spending 2.5 hours in an exam for a 70% grade while spending sleepness nights on Prof Roxanna's assignment, trying to work out solutions with things we were not taught, having to edit and write explanationa, claims and assumptions for resubmitting just for 10% grade. I wonder what do you guys think?

Bouquet of Piglets and Tiggers

Oink Oink and I took this on Sunday... Think it would have looked better without the wink.. Lol.. But somehow, the mirror doesn't look like a mirror.. Except that its really dirty.. Oink oink should clean it with newspaper..

I wonder if anyone remembers this big bouquet I made before my pageant. It was to help my godbro, Clifford to surprise his gf.. He got this for her just to welcome her back from her few days trip in Malaysia. Talk about sweet. Awwww... But it took me three hours!!!!
So how can I resist a photo with that big bouquet of piglets? Last week, Louise approached me to wrap tiggers for her after she saw the pigglets.. Thankfully these took one houe only cuz the tiggers were lighter, and they were this cute koala hugging style magnets.. So I made them hug the flowers.. So cute!!!

Again, I just can't resist a shot with the bouquet. But this is so much smaller.. Haha.. But still nice and cute!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007

The Left Brain or Right Brain Test

Clockwise or anti clockwise?????

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.
Well, I see it dancing clockwise right away.. So I guess I'm right brained?

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies
uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Hmmm... No wonder I'm so emotional and sensitive... Crying seems to be something so difficult to hold back nowadays.. I cry even when I watch Disney channel.. when I see a mum hug her daughter.. Maybe its just that the things happening in the family and at home that makes me feel this family could do with more warmth.... But this test is pretty true in terms of the description f my behavior.. No wonder I'm so not cut out to be an engineer... Oh.. and here's a shout out to Si Han!! Thx for the tune feed recommendation.. It allows me to listen to hannah montanna everytime I switch on my com.. hehe...

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Triple Decker Chocolate Bailey Cheesecake

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This is one hell of a slack Friday and Saturday.. Kinda made this cake from 2am till 5.30 am the night before.. It shouldn't have taken so long... But the whisk of the mixer broke, So I had to whip the cream with my hand... Roar!!! Whip until my hand suan... So here we have a triple decker chocolate Bailey cheesecake... I made cupcakes with the leftover batter... So here we have little cupcakes too... The bottom layer was dark chocolate followed by milk chocolate in the middle layer and white chocolate on the top layer... Topped with chocolate ganache and white chocolate shaving... This oven didn't have any seating in the oven.. You know why? Cuz its a chilled cheesecake!! Soft and creamy... I liked it!! Especially the taste of bailey.. Yummy!!!

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Had some constructive feedback from nicole about the colour of my photos being dull.. It did help.. So l layed spme cloth and took in under the lighting in the living room.. Wonder if it helped.. maybe I should take up a course in photoshop..

Den Saturday morning gave tuition to Sue Ann in Mimosa Terrace, delivered Cheesecake to Janan.. Kinda got lost there, but saw loads of beautiful houses... Den I returned home to bathe Ruby... Den I went to Shao mu...

Shao mu was rather at Lim Chu Kang.. It kinda made me feel guilt about it cuz its so near, but I visit my Gong gong's grave only once a year.. But the rest of the family were worse... All they do was to appear in person.. My mum had to bring all the flowers, rags and many containers of water... Clean up was majorly done by my mum and my sis, considering there was only one rag... Rest of the family were enjoying the picnic with my two dogs.. Talk about fillial.. Ok.. I didn't clean alot, but at least I bought flowers right?
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Spend a night at Dave's place.. And.., I did not study!!! Another wasted saturday!!! Talk about hardworking.. Lol...

Friday, 26 October 2007

Mugging... But lacking motivation..

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Well, the picture does indeed contradict my title... But I had to submit the Aerody assignment during lecture the next day... and Prepare the lecture slides for Liu Yong's Project Lab Presentation... Sounds like I was gonna get a lot of things done, but that's so wrong... I landed up going home, chatting with my mum... Being a little moody of some family issues which are pretty serious, but are meant to be kept to myself... I thought I was kinda changing for the better, being more like the Claire i was, always happy, poking fun of people(for fun lar, dun really mean it), never afraid to voice myself even I know I would be tactless... But...still happy.. But family problems, apart from other issues, did make me kinda moody..

I made a serious wrong turn to sch this morning... Landed up heading to town... Imagine the frustration... But I did calm down and just headed for sch... Guess I was frustrated cuz mommy din wan me to go to sch So i would do some stuff for me...

Well, being bothered the night before made me do nothing, So i wanted to go LWN early to pia Liu Yong's report before 1.15... Although wonderful Zhao Ling (A shout out to Zhao Ling!! Thank you for ur ppt!!! Wonder if he visits my blog) lent me his slides to copy, but I still made a mountain of crap from the presentation... Trying to smoke Liu Yong with Martensite and Austenite.. Den dunnno temp increase change here, change there.. bla bla bla.. But I'm just glad its over... Gotta chiong Aerody though.. Lucky Dave zapped it up for me... So I just copy and credit him lor.. Better than nothing right? But Dave better get enough marks to make the previous quiz an A. He is such a genious.. He just have this engineering blood in him.. Deriving formulas without being taught... How shen manz... All I can do is scratch my head.. Den think of baking... lol...
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Mugging in LWN the night before had one great benefit though... Goodie Bag and Exam supper!!! Goodie bag wasn't very fantastic, but I opened a fortune cookie... and found this.. Hmmm... I wonder how true is this fortune.. But I noe the fortune cookie was not tasty...

Oh well, gonna continue nua-ing... lol... lazy bum bum...

China Menus.. lol... (Its mer-nu.. not MEH-niu)

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I totally have to share this.. Edwin sent it to me.. Its really funny.. Spread some laughs.. Lol...

I LOVE JAPAN!!!! やった!!

Dear Lee Han Ying,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by Ford Japan Limited after the interview.
Programme Allocated: Asia Pacific & Africa/FHO Program [Programme Code : 1693]Programme Scope:

1) Ford/Mazda Ongoing Program Management
- Gateway review paper preparation- Arrange/Coordinate meetings
- Correspond issues with markets- Support manager and others

2) Mazda Engineering Package Control & Mazda Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Control
- Lead and coordinate engineering package flow from Mazda to KD markets
- Lead and coordinate ECNs- Coordinate MIDAS and OPED Extranet requests from FHO and KD markets
- Monitor and support Mazda product information release and assembly materials for new models on time

3) Engineering and Launch Support
- Lead and coordinate engineering materials and requirements to support markets` launch preparation and model implementation activities
- Assist KD markets with engineering information and data and build a strong relationship with them
- Coordinate Form D submission on time
- Coordinate part sort-out for unique program
- Serve as a daily communication liaison between KD markets and Mazda
- Assist ESO activities with markets- Lead and coordinate quality resolution raised at PP phase- Assist local content development with markets
- Lead and coordinate vehicle data and information for Ford unique portion done in addition to Mazda certification documents

4) Vehicle Line SAQ preparation
- Assist engineers to prepare Vehicle Line SAQ(Please refer to IA Notices in the StudentLink for information on offer package).

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Analytical ability
- PC skills (Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Access & Power Point)
- Language : English, Japanese

Attachment Location: Nissei Midori Bldg, 3rd Flr, 8-18 Teppo-Cho Naka-Ku, Hiroshi

Please be advised that if you are successful in both your applications to the overseas IA and local interviewing organisation, you must take up the overseas IA.


Oh my god!!! When Miss Chia from the attachment office called, I swear I could feel the good new coming... Didn't expect results to come so fast, but nonetheless, I'm still very very happy about it... Keiichi aka Elvin told me his results came 2-3 weeks after his interview, mine actually came right the day after. The program only has two people selected. So it will be me and another guy. I hope he's nice... SKalli he's some quiet dao kia... Den I'll be this poor little girl in Japan... Lol... but dun think so bad lar... Maybe the people there will be nice to me.. So excited... I can't study... I swear if I could drop the exams and fly there now, I will be on the plane now... Wahha... But check out the little highlights... I wonder If that's why they chose me....HEhe.. Well, if it really was, that would make me happy. The job scope does make me feel as though there's alot of things coming my way for me to learn and pick up. So I will go with this great learning attitude!! But I feel kind of bad to reject the following offer:

Dear Lee Han Ying,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by GE Aviation Service OperationLLP without interview.
Programme Allocated: Engine component repair [Programme Code : 1813]

Programme Scope: To study the repair process flow, implement and improve TAT, productivity and cost per part. Students will work on project(s) with the above goal in mind.

Pre-requisites: Student needs to be independent, self motivated learner with creative ideas for improvement. Students with strong curriculum background, excellent leadership and communication skills are required.

Attachment Location: 23 Loyang Way S(508726)


I was surprised they selected me without interviewing. If I'm not wrong this was my second choice, the one for the interviewing organisation. Hmmm... Oh well... I guess what matters most now is Japan here I come!!!!!

Oink Oink!!! ur turn ler wor!!! Must go Hi-P hor!!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Nutty Granola Cheesecake

With an amount of cheese remaining in my fridge, I better use it before the moulds grow on them... On top of that, there is the granola cereal I have not been eating.. So here I present, Nutty Granola cheesecake... The base has a mixture of granola, oats and raising.. The top has walnut nougatine (made from walnut in caramaelized sugar candy) in cheesecake.. Yummilicious!!! I feel like eating one now!!! But since I'm gonna sleep soon, I think its better to save it for breakfast tml...

Well, Cookie is so cute... I can't resist taking a photo of her.. Hehe... Besides, Ah Miang kidnapped Mango again!!

Another new puppy...

Well, this one isn't exactly a new puppy, she was bought by my sister one day before we got cute little Mango.. She's a Shetland Sheepdog.. Despite my sister telling me her name, I kinda forgot wad her name is.. So I decided to call her Cookie for now since my sister is overseas..

She's not as petite as Mango, but she is really kind, friendly, gentle, less itchy on the teeth compared to Mango... She's curious too... She will peep into dustbins and weird little corners... Oh, and did I mention? Cookie looks like Mickey...

The bad bites from Ruby that all of us got made us decide to give her away. So now, we can only hope for someone to adopt her soon.. She bit me and left bad wounds on my foot yesterday when I tried to block her from entering my Dad's workstation. Everyone in the family is really scared of her... I'm not exactly scared, but she is shutting herself out.. She growls even when you feed her. So I guess there's nothing much we can do..

Monday, 22 October 2007

Baking Dilemma...

Kai Qi's birthday cake was really beautiful... With very little cream.. Just a flat layer spread over each slice... But it was at the expense of holding the cake together... Those people who saw me cut the cake realised that the cake toppled very easily onto the plate, showing the three layers separating... It was kind of my style of cakes.. Since I'm so health conscious and all...

But what is the purpose of cream? Well, cakes are generally something dry, so cream does help in making it a little more moist. Cream are also a good form of deco.. Just add a drop of food colouring, and there you go, BAM! Piping bags and nozzle to create nice patterns for the cake... On top of that, the are sinfully tasty... The richness of the cream, butter or whatever type of topping being used just oozes... U may taste the oiliness(except for whipped cream), but its really good....

But would you forgo these benefits to enjoy ur cake without any worries about the calories? Or would you just have your cake and enjoy it, ignoring all these 'fattening' issues? Hmmm... So, Please help me by taking the poll on the left... It will help me to think of ways to decorate my cakes... :D

But think of it again, how much can you gain from that amount of cream? Lol... Oh well, let's hope there's enough votes for me to make a judgement....

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Hey! Gorgeous

Most of you probably have seen this.. but this is for my cousin Sergent Boo since he doesn't know where to catch it...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Strawberry Oreo Shortcake for KAi Qi!!!!!!!!!!

Tada!!!! Presenting... Kai Qi's birthday cake!!!! Its a strawberry oreo shortcake... You think this is weird? Have you heard of Strawberry Oreo Milk shake? Well, Even if you haven't, this cake tells u how well strawberry and Oreos go together... The cake is split into three portions.. Can you tell? The left portion and the right portion has strawberry cake with strawberry cake cream topped with fresh strawberry. The layer above is simply another layer of vanilla sponge with strawberry cake cream, topped with oreos... The middle portion has the strawberry layer on top of the oreo layer... So this creates a checked effect. The chocolate lines are chocolate ganache... With KAI QI written on Oreo cookies.. :D
The top of the cake has oreos bordering it while the bottom has strawberries with chocolate ganache drizzled over it... I had alot of fun decorating this cake... ITs really good!!! Since I like both strawberries and OReos.

So off I went to Villa Bali at Alexandra Road. The place has really nice ambience... You will feel like you are in Bali. The Balinese Food aint bad too!!! I think I shall bring my mum there soon... She loves indonesian food... Check out how comfy Kai Qi is...
Check out the double couples shot.. lol.. *hint hint*
Yi Guang insists that his sweater is green... What do you think? Lol....
Its Cake Cutting time!!! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to Kai Qi, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Think we were such a lively crowd for singing birthday songs... I've attended parties with quiet crowds who wun sing birthday songs with their hearts...
Kai Qi seemed to be having fun with preventing her candles from going off!!Our group shot... If you noticed, the candles aren't out.. Lol.. I actually asked the waiter to take photo for us even before Kai Qi made her wish and blew her candles.. I wonder what wish she made? Well, its her 21st birthday... So I'll wish for her wish to come true!Check this irresistibly cute pup... MANGO!!!! She's so small and cute... And really lively.. Think everyone could not resist playing with her... She's just too cute to not touch... Even Chui Yi couldn't resist... Well, almost... Look at that... So like a baby!!! Awww.....

Pauline and Wenliang couldn't resist such a sweet shot too...Wahaha....

Another group shot.. Taken by the receptionist, which, by Jingwei and Kian Ping standards... Is very chio... Lol.... But i love group shots... They're packed with unity, friendship and memories...

Awwww.... Look at this... How can you resist? She's so cute!!!!Villa Bali offered nice, expensive and not very stomach satisfying food... So off we went to some hawher centre recommended by Sam for soymilk and chin chow... Hehe.. paul made an attempt at taking another group shot... But landed up catching a ghostly figure beside Janan... Hmmmm... Creepy....

Well, there are many more photos... So please download them from:

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mango is finally back!!!

My dearest Mango is finally back!!! So how can I resist not taking another video? So here's a video of Mango playing a pendulum.. No doubt, still really very cute!!! :D Before Mango was 'kidnapped' by my aunt, Ah Miang, She looked like this: (Dave did that!!)

Now, she looks like this(somehow she refuses to stay put for photoshoots... Roar!!):

Did she grow bigger? I hope she didn't... I love her miniature size... Wahaha... Awwww.....

Well, I went to prof Kuan's office today, and I took picture of his teddy collection... So cute right? Guess which one belongs to me? Lol....

Well, was gonna make Keith a heart shaped cookie for his gf, so decided to fill up the cookie jar... So here's for Cheryl:

And the jumbo cookie jar of cookies for my sweet cravings!!!!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Sannin dinner at Crab Shack

Its been some time since the sannin met up.. So we decided to meet up for a dinner at Crab Shack at upper thomson.. My students (Raushan, Aidil and Melati!!! If you guys read this... You better make it up to me!!!! I went all the way to tampines for u all!!!!!) forgot the tuition timing, so I had to reschedule tuition cuz i had to meet sannin for dinner... I went all the way to tampines to sleep inthe tuition centre classroom... How corny?!? But I picked Keiichi aka Elvin san from Tampines MRT... It took us some time, but i think we reached upper thomson like 8 plus?!?!? Diaoz... So we dined at the Crab Shack since Miss Clarity Cafe was close... Hope the three of us can go there someday... The bake rice there is cheaper and better than Swensen's!!! But the crab shack isn't so bad... Initially, we thought its some run down shophouse kopitiam.. But it turned out to be a classier Kopitiam... So each of us took a photo with the crab shack table number sign.. lol... Presenting the SANIN!! Tsunade Takoyaki aka Claire
Koijiro Okonomiyaki aka Damien
Keiichi Kaninabe aka Elvin
(He insisted on having more items to show than us)

After which, our dinner was served shortly.. We ordered three dishes.. The first was the crab baked rice... Its damn crabbilicious!!! There is real crab meat in every bite you take... Damn nice... Its only $6.50.. and the next dish was the Japanese chicken pizza.. It was really good too!!! The crust was thin and crispy, and the mayo over the pizza was sinfully good!!! The pizza costed $9.50, but it was pizza hut regular size?!?! The next dish was 3 piece flower crabs combo.. not that it wasn't good, but Being a flower crab, it was too much effort to eat for that little amount of meat. The three piece flower crab came along with a basket of fries for $8.

If you ever wanna try, you can find the crab shack at

12, Prince Edward Road, Bestway Building


227, Upper Thomson Road (After longhouse)

Our last shot before we set off for deserts!!!Where did we have desert? We ate ice cream at Eskimo, a home-made ice cream shop.. they had wireless there, but the connection is always a bad request.. Oh well... Just have to wait for the the next Sannin journey!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Potential Break up song

This song is starting to ignite some feelings... Listening to it doesn't really make me feel better, but it is pretty catchy...

Wasting time shamelessly with guilt...

I seemed to have wasted another weekend shamelessly. Maybe Is houldn't have baked for Cheryl's birthday on Friday... Cuz I landed up not sleepingand baking all the way till her birthday and attending her birthday. By the itme I'm home, I slept till 4pm the next day and watched TV til almost eight before I made my way to Ikea and giant to have dinner ALONE and shop... Well, I ws hoping for someone to take me out or ask me out for dinner... But till the point I had to ask that person if I could join him, I felt quite shameful... Its like if he wanted to take me out for dinner, he would have asked, so what' the point of forcing and going loops to hint for that person to ask me out?

So back at homeI cleared my blue chair for horrible naughtly Ruby to sleep on or else she's always behind me where I seat, making me worried about rolling my chair on to her. So there she is... But she is still very grumpy and difficult to handle. Its not that she doesn't understand, but she just chooses to ignore my commands... Makes it really hard to handle a stubborn dog...

So a planned date today at Bishan park didn't go very well, Despite me many hours of effort in cooking, the date partner didn't really enjoy the dinner. It wasn't very satifying.. The dogs in the dog run area were bountiful though... But Ruby dirtied my date partner's pants. Could tell he was really angry.. I know he wasn't angry with me, but when he shows his anger towards me, I feel that I was at fault.Its like maybe I shouldn't have let him into the play area to play with dirty Ruby or I should have trained Ruby better. So I offered to have his jeans washed... But he didn't want. But it only made the whole date worst. Its like I did not provide a good enough dinner, and my dog dirtied his pants. So I guess the date was pretty much a failure. So what would any date partner do under such circumstances? Well, I wasn't really idealess, So I offered to go back to my place to shower my dogs and allow him to have his pants cleaned(actually I offered to wash it). Maybe grab a desert at Ang Mo Kio to make the date less bad.. But the mood was so off.. It felt like a pacifying acceptance to grab the desert. SO I decided to forfeit it. The journey to AMK to have my flour sifter changed and to drop the date off at AMK was trecherous. All I could feel was like bursting into tears but just keeping it within me. Thankfully I could still keep it. The flour sifter remains out of stock so I can't have it changed. So it was a total waste of another day for me...

Having such horrible fillings,I needed something therapeutic for the heart. So I made myself a Strawberry milk float and ate one of the new creations for the day: White Chocolate Cream Sandwich Biscuits. Light thin biscuits with white chocolate cream sandwiched in between. Now that's therapy...

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Apart from baking, my new interest recently went towards making my accesories. I kinda of got bored with the stuff I had, so I decided to spice up my wardrobe by making my own earrings, Hair pins, brooches and stuff...

I made these two earring for Suat as birthday present. I hope she likes it. I wonder if she would even wear it...