Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Birthday: Sweet Pleasure with Evan

Evan came over to stay two nights before my birthday and we made sweet pleasure together. My parents weren’t in Singapore so we kinda had the whole house to ourselves. So here is the completed product. :D I nearly forgot this entry cuz my photos were hidden somewhere in the computer. P6181721P6181722 P6181723 P6181724  P6181726  P6181728
Evan and I had alot of fun making the sugar decorations on top. However, by the time it was my birthday, the sugar decorations melted. So I had to redecorate the top plainly. :( Only problem with our sweet pleasure was that I didn’t have milk chocolate and the caramel we made for the Dacquoise was to hard. So we had a brittle instead.. –_-‘’’142 143
Evangeline got me a really great present! She made me a Summer Berries Charlotte!!!! Look at how beautiful! Sorry my iPhone didn’t do any justice to the cake, but my camera was flat.. :( Boohoo.. :( 144 145

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Aussie Day 20 Part 2: Last Entry on Australia.. Fremantle, Perth

With just one day in Perth, we pretty much had nothing to do…So we went for a day trip at Fremantle.. Took a boat to Fremantle.. It was just 30 mins… And feeling the strong breeze in Singapore weather Perth… Hooo.. Hot…P6101679  P6101681   P6101684 P6101685  P6101687 
Check out the beautiful houses by the coast… Nice view of the coast… Big houses… Awww…P6101690 P6101691 P6101692 P6101693 P6101694 P6101695 P6101696 P6101697 P6101698 P6101699 P6101700
Someone quite big shot owns this as a home.. But I can’t remember who…
P6101701 P6101702 P6101703 P6101704
Some of the people on the boat spotted Dolphins!! But I didn’t… Too bad…:(
P6101705 P6101706 P6101707 P6101708 
Free Shuttle bus in Fremantle!!
P6101710 P6101711  P6101713 P6101714
Fremantle Chocolate Factory.. Nothing much.. Dun expect to see how chocolate is manufactured cuz you won’t!

Aussie Day 20: :Last Day In Australia,Perth

We stayed at a hostel which I will never forget the name. Billabong.. In Perth… Again breakfast was provided.. And I was attracted by the Candy machine as you can see here.. :) Bought myself some mints.. :D P6101642 P6101643   P6101646
Here is Barrack Pier where people take cruise to different places like swan valleys and Fremantle for their one day tours…P6101647     P6101652 P6101653  P6101655 P6101656 P6101657 P6101658  P6101660 P6101661 P6101662     
This is the Swan Bells tower which hangs the bells at the top of the tower or something like that.. but due to budget constraints.. After spending more than 2k over 3 weeks, we can only view from the bottom.. :P