Thursday, 30 June 2011

22nd December 2010: Arrival in Paris

As usual, my posts are waaaayyyyy outdated…. But work comes first when my career ain’t a full time blogger…. I’m writing this entry on 29th June 2011 about a day on 22nd December 2011, when I first touched down in Europe… With loads of thanks to my beloved boyfriend back den, and Fiance today, I finally had a chance to move out of Asia… Open-mouthed smile


Curious to know how my Paris fiance’s home look like? Here is the simple three storey house with a basement… Open-mouthed smile Its winter… So pretty much no greenery except for the coniferous trees…P1010489P1010490


Did I mention I think my fiance looks really suave in winter clothing? With sub zero temperatures, I don’t think Winter was exactly top on my favourite season list…P1010491P1010492P1010493


Smile with tongue out Loads of interesting stuff in the neighbourhood… But being the piggy me, my favourite place would be the patissieries and boulangeries….P1010496

Baked Meringue for sale… Its just alot of sugar… Good to look, but probably not something I wanna eat…P1010497

I love the display of gourmet chocolates…. P1010498

Pastries and macarons… Yummy….Napolean in the centre… Yummy… Didn’t buy that though…


I love the tart aux fraises (left: Strawberry Tart)…My Yohan loves the Chocolate eclairs in the centre…. P1010500

Check out the chocolate coated cream puffs in the rustic decorations…P1010501

Don’t we love the glass candy jars? P1010502P1010503

The City hall where my future parents in law had the marriage… Our city hall leh? Raffles City?P1010504P1010505P1010506P1010507


This was just a street away from Yohan’s home… Not sure why there are horses there… Either a tourist attraction of a Christmas event?P1010509P1010510

Garbage bags provided for people to clear up after their doggies when their doggies leave their crap on the side walk.. Unfortunately, many people don’t use them, so I spend 90% of my walking time checking out for doggy poo on the floor…P1010511P1010512P1010513

My parents in law… witht he dogs…P1010514

Think I took this picture back then because I love the big terrace…P1010515

This is a residential gate.. A little huge?P1010517

Precious Papillion above, Fifille

And the naughty Jack Russell (not my favourite type of dog… A little too hyper for my liking.. Especially the male ones).. His name is Hector…

P1010519P1010520P1010521P1010523P1010525Our first breakfast in France… Yohan’s favourite Pain au chocolat, and my favourite Croissants…. Buttery goodness in the pastry… Yummy…P1010526P1010527P1010528P1010529Baguette anyone? The national bread of FRance?P1010530

Actually the Baguette is really different from the one we have in Singapore…. Also, the French never ever cut their baguette with knives… They just tear the bread apart with their hands… Actually the better term would be to break the bread apart…P1010531P1010532P1010533P1010534P1010536P1010540P1010541P1010544P1010545Special bread for lunch.. Its a huge loaf of Pannetone looking bread with its centre cut out to make an assortment of sandwich and fitted right back in!P1010547P1010548P1010549P1010550P1010551P1010553P1010554


Apple cobbler with peach ice cream… Yummy!P1010561P1010563P1010565

The Paris city hall (above) and the Louvre (below). In case you don’t know, the Mona Lisa is in this building…P1010568P1010569P1010573

The bastille… They have loads of this structures erected all over Paris and roads going round it like a roundabout…  P1010574

Ferris Wheel… Traditional, but not as big as the Singapore flyer..


The overrated Champs Elysees (in my opinion).. Its just a street… Really…. P1010593

Many girls’ best friend, Louis Vuitton… Think that is the main shop…


The L’arc de triumph..


Its actually much larger than what people think…P1010603P1010604P1010605P1010606P1010607P1010608P1010609P1010610P1010611

La Tour Eiffel, aka the Eiffel Tower… Not as big as I expected on first look.. Maybe bacause Iw as looking at it from far?


Dinner… A soup called "Port aux Feuille” (Not sure about the spelling) Not my favourite dish for the day.. Unlike most soup, this has a lot of fats!!!!P1010615