Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Break Up

Just a little recollection of my break up:
Life suddenly seemed so uncertain and bleak without him.. I miss him so much... One month has pass since our breakup. I think I am coping better than I thought i could, but yet, three and a half years of memories just seemed so hard to get past...
It is very true that you will never treasure something until it is gone.. Especially true for this breakup I must say...
But sometimes in life, we just have to learn to let go. A quarrelling relationship of more than 5 times a week is just not a healthy one.. I’m sure we have chosen the right path for ourselves. Hopefully he can find someone who loved him more than I do and the same for myself..
We shared so much in 3.5 years, especially going on a few trips and almost 24 hours together when there was school.. I’m sure we have learnt alot from each other.. I wish him all the best and hope the one he loves can make him happy..

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Two Nights of Stay at Ritz Carlton

Mummy got a free two night stay at Ritz Carlton hotel because she was a finalist for Women of the Year 2009. So having the voucher to be expired soon, we simply had to use it, and what better time than for her birthday?
 P9190176 P9190177
P9190179 P9190180
They actually had a runner’s tag for hotel guests to go for their runs and make sure they don’t get lost..
 P9190182 P9190183
P9190184 P9190185 P9190186  
Some of the night views from the high floors of Ritz Carlton..

And of course, the beautiful cake I baked for my mother’s birthday… Everything was made by me, except I did not plant my own strawberries and mangoes.. But I make the chocolate decorations.. And the whole cake was made with mango slices and mandarin orange slices..P9200189 P9200190 P9200191
Sandwiched in between is mango cheese mousse with mango slices, topped off with mango and oranges slices..
P9200192 P9200193 P9200194 P9200195 P9200196  P9200198
Happy Birthday mummy..
P9200199 P9200200 P9200201
My cousin, James and his gf Ashlyn..
P9200202 P9200203    
After the cake cutting for the second night, we has a little buffet breakfast for two.. :) It was breakfast for one for two mornings.. Who the hell eats a buffet breakfast alone? So we used it for one morning for two people!
P9210208 P9210209
P9210210 P9210211
P9210212 P9210213
P9210214 P9210215
P9210216 P9210217
P9210218 P9210219
P9210220 P9210221
P9210222 P9210223

I love buffet breakfast!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Filming for 过好年 with Rui En

Had filming for a part time role with Mediacorp today. Was filming with a Malaysian, now popular in Taiwan male artist. But I’m not sure of his name.
P9140169 P9140171
I was supposed to be the guy’s matchmaking partner. Haha..
Is Rui En as cold as people say? Well, she’s not exactly cold, but the kind of girl who will respond if you talk to her, and not initiate a conversation if you don’t talk to her. 
And of course my childhood idol, Chen Tian Wen, he is really funny..

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Casa Roma Ristorante Pizzeria

P9090146 P9090149
P9090150 P9090148 
Casa Roma Ristorante at Bukit Timah Road.. After my Italian Dinner in Tasmania Australia, I was really looking forward to another Italian dining with fresh focaccia and authentic food.. The starters were great.. Mushroom soup and Garlic bread. You know bread is fresh when you just eat it. Foe some reason the local bread just lack the freshness of rustic and European breads. Its probably the flour, since many different types of special floor are often involved and they need to make their own starter dough.
P9090152 P9090153     P9090158 P9090159  P9090161
P9090165 P9090163  P9090164 P9090166  P9090168
I had a Venison rib and pizza. Of course, I shared!! The meal was really great except that the restaurant was a little dark. Dark restaurants are certainly a big no no…

Casa Roma Ristorante Pizzeria

833 Bukit Timah Road
#01-09 Royal Ville
Tel: +65 6464 8509
Website | Email
Opening hours
Mon–Sat 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm Sun/Public Holidays 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm