Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Remember my previous entry on the Tiramisu? Well, here, we have the Tiramisu cheesecake.. Insteap of having the sponge fingers inside the Mascapone Cointreau Misture, it forms a beautiful ring aroung the Mascapone Cointreau Mixture.. The sponge fingers are soaked in Kahlua coffee syrup and the base is coffee kahlua biscuit.. Isn't it a beauty? Its totally love at first sight.. The taste is really powerful... In fact, the taste from the alcohol brings out the flavout of MAscapone cheesereally well... The top Marble is the coffee Kahlua syrup, marbled on the Cheese mixture... Yummilicious!!!
If you notice,the cup wasn't well place, so it looks abit sang-ngat... :P

After getting this done (I kinda got this done yesterday before going Yanru's party, but no time since Paul came to pick me and I was still baking.. Haha.. But I finished making it when I got home...) The Tiramisu was just like ice cream when you freeze it... Except that the base was kinda hard.. Haha... After I got it done, I quickly packed up and took a bus to Far East plaza to meet the Pig on the picture.. Haha... We walked in Isetan's Japan supermarket.. It was kind of a preview of my life in Japan.. :P Oh well.. :P We bought Kettle;'s new flavour of chips: Krinkle Cut Salt and Black Pepper... Its really good!!!

After that, mum and dad were kinda in town liaoz, so we went to meet them.. Poor Dave had a leg injury... So we took our ba-long-long time to walk to meet mum and dad...
Mum and dad booked the Shashilk restaurant to celebrate the birthday of the beauty on the left...
My favourite dish at the restaurant? The Baked Alaska (Daddy calls it Bomb Alaska!! And I keep remembering it as bomb ALaska!!) But its really good... Ice cream with a layer of cake sponge covering it, covered with egg whites meringue and fruits... baked till there's a few burnts as you can see..
They den light up the liqour with fire, pour over the Alaska and.... Voila! A burning ice cream cake!
HEre's me at T3.. Dave's dad treated us at Swensen's at T2..T3 isn't operational yet, but I found out my flight on the 9th Jan night would be at T3!! So i'll be at the airport at 9pm to explore!! Hehe!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas 2007: Soooooo UNLUCKY!!

Dave and I woke up at my sister's place.. Dave was still kinda Tipsy from the drinking session the night before. Bad luck!! Kenna a summon from the TP. I parked at this private housing road with a white line in the middle. So... that's $$ for me.

Den we went to grab porridge at this kopitiam in Whampoa.. Its really cheap and tasty... Den sent Dave Home... Bad Luck again!! Car crashed!!! along Tampines ave 10(IKEA)... Well, some cars wanted to dash the red light but in the end they didn't make it.. SO all the cars had an Ebrake.. BUT MY BRAKE DID NOT WORK!!!!!


There goes my car... SO car crashed.. Luckily this senior claim insurance came along and helped me.. THis man is really nice and he helped me though he din get to earn a cent... So.. If you touch wood, better take this number in case of any car emergency...

Jason Ng

So he drove me to Sin Ming Autocare den home...

Tried to recover from shock at home till parents returned... Den mummy bought me to this kopitiam to eat really nice Tze Char...

Cousin BOo joined us... Sis and Bro-in-Law came along too... But it ain't a good dinner since there were quarrels between family members.. Sigh...Moon was beautiful.. So I tried to catch a photo.. but too bad... Not as nice as I saw...

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Well... Due to feedback of superlaggy loading of my blog, I asked around and found out about Picasa... So I downloaded picasa2 from google.. Its actually a pretty nice program to use.. so lets pray for less lagginess... haha...

Back to Christmas Eve... Well Dave and I woke up late.. So we just hanged around.. After that, we went to his place for dinner... Before that, I caught a really cute shotof Mango...ain't that cute? Haha...

But Christmas Eve was pretty boring.. We waited and Cousin Ah Boo asked if we wanted movies or St James.. Well, both din appeal since one was ex and crowded while the other will be crowded and just as boring too...

So I suggested to go my sister's place instead... So Dave and I arrived at my sister's place at about 1030pm.. My two cousins, Cheng Xing aka Ah Boo(The pretty 881 dresser you saw in the previous in the entry) and Cheng Shi aka Ah Mi came super late... So they played poker and loser had to drink up.. Bleah.. My sister's Tenesse Whisky tasted like crap... (I mean it!!)

Think almost everyone drank till they vommitted except me since I slept instead.. HAha...
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Sunday, 23 December 2007

2 Days before Christmas

Its my family's big Christmas party.. Since we're gonna expact nearly 50 guests, I baked alot.. You see this amount? Its only 10% of the actual amount I baked.. Just that I didn't grab and display all so that it looks hard to finish eating.. But they're all small and hence look more harmless to consume.. Haha...
My newest version of oreo cupcakes taste fantastic..At least it was the fastest to be wiped out.. Second to Bailey cupcakes since it had so much lesser..
Nougat Cheesecakes had the most leftovers.. But its only because it came up to alot of servings since the metal foil cup was small.. Haha.. But everyone loved it.. Cheesecake with almond nougats in it.. The base had digestives fo a base... Yummy!!
Coconut rum cake was fantastic too...Malibu rum in the cake and in the cream cheese frosting, topped with dessicated coconut really did wonders to the cake.. Yummy!!!!
Bailey chocolate cheesecake.. Everyone's favourite.. Cuz the bailey taste is there.. I love chilled cheesecakes with alcohol.. The taste is simply well brought out...

Erm.. This is my first try at a log cake.. Everyone would remember it as anugly but deliciouslog cake... Think the white chocolate ganache was a wrong choice since white chocolate would be very sweet... But please dun judge the ugly appearance of my first log cake.. The malibu rum cream cheese frosting was really good with some mango juice i squeezed from the meat stuck to the mango... In between the malibu rum log cake was mango cubes... Its really yummy... But damn ugly lar...
Den at 8.30, we finally commenced the games.. We started with fancy dress!!! The theme was 881.. So we had to dress three man like they were gonna sing on seventh month stage... Introducing my cousin, Ah Boo...He wore my poor broken URS heels larz!!! lol... Den check out the sash he wore... Its my union Pageant Sash... -_-'''And here's our very own Dave... Dressed mainly by my two uncles, Ah Xiong and Ah Meng (lol.. the bear and the orang utan) I'm actually in the pic.. But quite blus.. Dave was struggling fromthe tickling from the tinsles.. Awwww.... AIn't he pretty?Voila!!! Check out the three beauties...

So when the party ended, we just sat around.. Talk cock sing song... Lol.. No lar.. But there were so many dogs running around.. So mummy and I took photos with all our dogs.. Haha..

I find this shot of Mango really cute.. she looks like a toy.. :D

Here's the download link for the photos:

Saturday, 22 December 2007

3 days before Christmas

Well, since Elvin ordered his 10 boxes of chocolates, I started working on the presents Elvin wanted for his friends.. I spent the whole afternoon shopping in AMK, Phoon Huat Sembawang and Sheng Shiong at Ten Mile Junction.. By midnight, I finally whipped up these ten boxes of gifts Elvin ordered.. I also started baking for the Christmas party for Sunday.. (TOMORROW!!) See.. I wrapped Elvin's order nicely.. Hehe.. The top left is Cointreau Orance Cheese cups.. (Cups made of chocolate) The one below is a bailey brownie and on the right, we have White chocolate Vodka mandarin christmas bells with Bailey Dark chocolate on the bottom.. The snoopy chocolates were either vodka peach or vodka mandarin white chocolates..
It was kinda hard to mix alcohol with chocolate cuz the chocolates would kind of turn lumpy... But I totally loved the bailey brownie..
On top of that, I tried to make Janan's Triple chocolate Bailey Cheesecake.. (haha.. Janan said it tastes like ice cream when frozen!!) As you can see, the cheese mixture was mixed with melted chocolate.... I took this cuz I loved the marble effect..
After chilling it in the fridge for a few hours, I decorated it with cocoa powder and gummy letters.. Hehe.. I also cut some star malibu rum cake and topped the cake.. :D

I delivered the cakes at about 10am to Janan, followed by Elvin, and I came home to....


Friday, 21 December 2007

Meeting Sannin... and one of the most tasty cheesecakes in the world!!!!!!!!!

I would be meeting Sannin today in town... But before that, there some things I had to do... Thanks to my late blogging, I kinda foget what happened.. But Dave and I delivered the cupcakes to the Andrew and Grace home.. So before I made a move to pick Dave, I packed a slice of this for Dave and Two slices for sannina nd Choon FEi to try..This is Hazelnut cheesecake!!! I added abit of Baileys just for the extra flavour.. and the Cheesecake had loads of toasted hazelnuts and grated chocolate in it... ITs really very very very very good.. I'm uber serious about this... Despite the high cost of the ingredients for this cheesecake, I'm really glad that its tasty... Yummy!!!So after Dave and I distributed cupcakes and the Andrew and Grace home, I dropped Dave back home and made my way to centrepoint... Roar!!! The traffic plus the ERP plus the parking... This has forced me to give up driving.. SO I guess its public transpot for me now... Haha... Apologies to Sannin and Choon Fei for being so late... :Pwe had ramen for dinner at some restaurant in centrepoint.. the ramen was one for one.. So an $8 bowl of remen make it $4 instead..Its edible..but not fantastic.. The noodles felt like maggi mee.. haha... Den we did some Christmas shopping.. Poor elvin couldn't find the chocolates he wanted so he ordered 10 boxes of chocolate gift boxes from me!!! Yeah!!! Sho happy!!!!
Here's a photo Choon Fei took for us... Lucky my make up not so thick.. Or else the flash would have made me look like crap... :P
We decided to meet again tml at holland to chill since we enjoyed ourselves so much today.. :P
Here's a very nice pic of Elvin and Damien!! Haha... I like eLvin's shirt!!
Here's another shot we took... Guess who's the photographer?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas: The Spirit of Giving

Since Christmas is coming, Dave and I decided to bake loads of stuff for the girls at the Andrew and Grace home.. TOo bad I forgot to take photo of it before we gave them away... But I (ok.. Dave too...) finally had a chance to make a christmas tree... Well... Haha.. It ain't exactly the christmas tree you know... But its made of gingerbread with mint forsting topped with dessicated coconut...
I love the coconut on the gingerbread... looks like snow...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

22nd Anniversary!!!!

Its our 22nd Anniversary... Woke up early and a took a bus to AMK hub fitness first to work out with Eileen.. But the bus had to break down on the day I take it.. Roar!!! Land up, I was half hour late for my workout with eileen at fitness first... eileen was at the body step class... so i worked at the step machine...

since eileen had the true yoga 7 day pass, we made a trip to true yoga after meeting dave at the mrt... the lady at the pacific plaza branch tried to psycho u to join.. but haha.. too expensive liao... so we took our free gift and left... dave had a nice clock.. den we both got our pocket mirror.. haha...

Since we had to go collect Visa at the Japan and china Embassy separately, we parted with eileen and chiong to the embassy since they will close on time...

We were super hungry.. so we grabbed lunch at pepper lunch Shaw centre at 4.30pm.. late lunch... haha.. den we walked towards PS.. Any idea where this photo was taken? Too bad My T20 went flat.. SO the next few photos were taken with the temporary 6670 I'm using..

Just in case we couldnt get our seats, dave and I went over to giraffe to make a reservation for our dinner tonight...

giraffe? you know where is that? You noe the restaurant cum bar near this pool of water opposite the Istana? YUp! That's it! The quality aint so bad yeah? :D

One thing's for sure.. This ain't the giraffe.. But we're at PS.. Look at that corny face..

Pop in a 20cent coin leh!! I wanna seat!!
Take a few more snaps before we enter the cinema.. Guess what show we're watching? Here's the trailer:

Its very Claire of me to actually rate shows mroe than four stars and I would definitely give this show a five out of five since I love watching so many shows...

There was this Christmas outside PS, so Dave and I caight a shot with my dad's camera phone again.. The lighting was so good and the camera wasn't bad either... Yeah!! We took the underpass and walked over to giraffe for our Romance 22nd Dinner.. HAha..

We manage to get a seat on the roof top..
We each ordered a main course.. I ordered Garlicky Chicken.. It was served with wedges.. The food was edible,but I wouldn't shout oishii!! Lol.. But Dave's burger was humongous.. He totally could not finish it.. My garlicky chicken costed $159.00 ++ HAha.. joking lar.. divide that value by ten.. Think dave's giraffe burger costed $17.90++. The pricing is kinda billy bomber like, but its really not bad.. good waiting service(except they dun serve water) and appetisers are served.. the bread was soft with olive spread by the side...

Since we were there, we took more shots on the roof top dining open area.. The background was fantastically lit, so it did wonders to loads of our photos..
I managed to catch this shot of PS from the open rooftop dining area.. Its not fantastic, but it was taken with my dad's nokia.. So not bad lar...

I'll definitely recommend .. Rating for giraffe:

Ambience: 8.5/10

Food: 7/10