Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Chinese New Year Gathering

 DSC05211   DSC05214 
Mummy bought Mango for a Chinese New Year cut and I must say she is ugly!!!!! Poor mango looking really bimbotic with fur shaved from her nose… Poor pup… :S
 DSC05217 DSC05218  DSC05220 DSC05221
I made Thai Fish Curry.. With my homemade Yellow curry paste! I must say making my own curry paste is really worth it since the fragrance was a top notch away from the usual ready curry paste..
    DSC05225 DSC05226 DSC05227
Tinky had a fur cut too, but she looks better than Mango’s cut.. Only thing is that Tinky had a worrying look on her face.. I wonder why.. Haha..
  DSC05229 DSC05230 DSC05231
DSC05232 DSC05233 DSC05239 DSC05238 DSC05235 DSC05240 DSC05241 DSC05242 DSC05243
My best wins of the night.. Check out my ‘ngor leng’

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chinese New Year Preparations

 DSC05202  DSC05204 DSC05208
Jiu ma and my two cousins.. Hiding at one corner as usual..wonder why they don't socialise with us..

Game of baan luck anyone?

Friday, 16 January 2009

Sugar High!

Evangeline was so kind to buy me a bunch of desserts from Canele.. From Macarons, to Maccha to Le Royale…
I must say that I have fallen for Canele’s Japanese style Modern French desserts…DSC05175        DSC05182DSC05180
I know I shouldn’t post his picture here.. It makes it hard to move on.. But I miss him so much.. I’ve always complained how he doesn’t dote on me, but boy I was so demanding… This night which we both worked hard and studied, he brought me to Cheeky Monkey at Thomson just to pamper me.. How sweet right?
Chocolate mousse cake… Decadently rich and good..DSC05184
He even bought me chocolates to try… Clockwise from the heart: Lavender, Rocher and milk chocolate
DSC05185 DSC05186
Miss him..

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Bakerzin Northpoint

Evangeline and I met up at Sembawang shopping centre for dinner at Aston’s. After that, we headed to Bakerzin at Northpoint for desserts.. Sweet Pleasure, aka Plaisir Sucre, a Pierre Herme Specialty recreated by Daniel Tay of Bakerzin… As you can see the beautiful layer of Dacquoise, caramel layer, chocolate ganache, chocolate whip cream, and milk chocolate sheets..
   DSC05129  DSC05131
This is Evangeline’s favourite.. Sumatra.. Coffee mousse on the inside and chocolate ganache on the outside.. Its not bad, but sweet pleasure is still better..

A dessert platter of rose ice cream, panna cotta and hazelnut ice cream together with praline feuilltine crunch.. DSC05134