Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Break Up

Just a little recollection of my break up:
Life suddenly seemed so uncertain and bleak without him.. I miss him so much... One month has pass since our breakup. I think I am coping better than I thought i could, but yet, three and a half years of memories just seemed so hard to get past...
It is very true that you will never treasure something until it is gone.. Especially true for this breakup I must say...
But sometimes in life, we just have to learn to let go. A quarrelling relationship of more than 5 times a week is just not a healthy one.. I’m sure we have chosen the right path for ourselves. Hopefully he can find someone who loved him more than I do and the same for myself..
We shared so much in 3.5 years, especially going on a few trips and almost 24 hours together when there was school.. I’m sure we have learnt alot from each other.. I wish him all the best and hope the one he loves can make him happy..

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