Wednesday, 17 September 2008

NFG: Noisette et Fromage aux Gateau

Dave’s favourite Hazelnut Cheesecake is a marriage of the chocolate and hazelnut. Chocolate and Hazelnut would always go together. That is why everyone loves Ferrero Rocher and nutella.. Photobucket
This cake of mine has a Hazelnut Dacquoise base, topped off with a layer of chocolate, followed by a layered of chilled cheesecake with chocolate and hazelnuts and lastly, right on the top would be the rich and fragrant hazelnut praline cream..Photobucket
Not too sweet, This is one of my best creations ever.. I remember the times when Dave took steps to the freezer to sneak a piece of this NFG into his tummy.. :P
This piece is definitely going on my sales site! :)

Coming out of the freezer, this was the closest I have gotten to a mudpie.. :)Photobucket

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