Monday, 20 October 2008

Paul’s Birthday

This was the Oreo Cheesecake which i made for Paul’s birthday last year. I wanted to write Paulie Waulie.. But in the end, my handwriting was so big that I landed up with only Paulie.. So funny.. haha…
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Birthday making wish…
Suggested wish for birthday boy from friends?
“Aye Paul Wish me GPA 5.0! Wish me find job this year! Wish me GPA 4.5! Wish me dun da bao!” Lol.. That is so funny.. What a classic.. :)
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The three birthday boys with birth dates so near each other: Paul, Sam and Tim each received a present from Calvin.. Its the fake bread which looks super real.. In fact, Dave actually bit on Tim’s bun!! Poor Tim has a bun with Dave’s teeth marks now.. haha..

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