Monday, 10 August 2009

天顶发财Part time Acting

I received a role from Mediacorp to act in 天顶发财. It was a super carrefare role.. But I’ve never done acting before.. It may be fun yeah? So I took on the assignment despite the baby role of being a hotel receptionist..
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Well, the entire show has finished its broadcast.. It pretty much says how outdated this blog is..
Come on.. I have to do accounts, sales, manage operations and HR for the meatball business, Teach tuition on weekends, learn French twice a week, German once a week.. Where to find time to update my blog? Lol.. Well, plus I have CFA now to study.. At least I’m spending my time better than being ridiculed elsewhere… :P

Anyway, the show about the really cute baby starred Felicia Chin and Tay Ping Hui.. I didn't take any photos with them cuz I was way too tired.. But I took a snapshot of Felicia Chin when I was on the bus resting.. I'm sooooo lazy...
P8100059 P8100060

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