Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Prata Place

Ron and I finally met up after some time.. Time has sure passed since we learnt Thai together… I’m glad to hear that SIM has accepted him!
We met up at Prata place.. I think Ron had Thosai.. But Prata place serves really good prata because the prata is made fresh at the point of your order… The Jalan Besar pratas has lost its flair because the pratas are served cold and soggy.. god knows what time they made those pratas!
PB150596  PB150598 PB150599 
I love the paper prata at the Prata House.. Of course they serve a whole of other kinds of pratas, but the paper pratas and the kosongs are my favourite to eat with sugar… The flaky and crispy pratas makes me feel like I’m eating filo pastry that is lighter and filled with more flavour… :)
Best part? It opens from 7am to 12 midnight!!
A slight problem.. You better bring tissues if you are a clean freak and watch ur steps when you are walking in the restaurant.. The whole prata restaurant is oily on the tables and the floor.. You may even slip! Be careful about that!
The Prata Place
No.1, Thong Soon Avenue

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