Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Baguettes

 DSC05046 DSC05047 DSC05048
Since it was Christmas, nothing says partay!!! Like Curry!! Curry? Wasn’t cooked by me.. But the Baguettes? Of course by moi!
By special request, I baked chicken wings in the oven which my sister loved.. :)
Aunt nicole bought a loaf of honey baked ham over and I re-roasted the cold slab of ham in the oven…
Not so helpful Mango here…
DSC05053 DSC05054   DSC05062
Annual dress up party games.. Last year’s team was bikini babes while this year’s theme is Miss Bikini.. As usual, the winner is my cousin James.. Winner third year in the running.. Haha..
 DSC05065 DSC05066
The other Bikini Babes in action
I think this game was to pass a ball of yarn through your clothes… And after that unpass it again.. So you can see my cousin Jeslyn trying to tug on the yarn from my neighour’s kid’s shirt…
 DSC05070 DSC05071
The famous newspaper dance game! My garang mother tried to piggy bag her Karaoke friend to get ready for the small piece of newspaper dance they had to win.. :D

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