Friday, 16 January 2009

Sugar High!

Evangeline was so kind to buy me a bunch of desserts from Canele.. From Macarons, to Maccha to Le Royale…
I must say that I have fallen for Canele’s Japanese style Modern French desserts…DSC05175        DSC05182DSC05180
I know I shouldn’t post his picture here.. It makes it hard to move on.. But I miss him so much.. I’ve always complained how he doesn’t dote on me, but boy I was so demanding… This night which we both worked hard and studied, he brought me to Cheeky Monkey at Thomson just to pamper me.. How sweet right?
Chocolate mousse cake… Decadently rich and good..DSC05184
He even bought me chocolates to try… Clockwise from the heart: Lavender, Rocher and milk chocolate
DSC05185 DSC05186
Miss him..

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