Sunday, 1 February 2009

Aston’s Prime at East Coast Road

The aston’s group seems to be expanding aggressively recently.But this is the first time I’m eating there. 
I ordered the Hickory smoke Chicken chop.. while Dave ordered the steak.. I realised that Aston’s serve Kopitiam standard western food with Kenny Roger’s style at the in between price…
DSC05116  DSC05118
Dave ordered a Steak.. It’s rather well done, though we asked for Medium.. But lucky it wasn’t too tough.. All in all, for the price and no need for service charge.. The price is extremely reasonable..

Aston's Specialties
119/121 East Coast Road
Singapore 428806


心魔 said...

Which part of East Coast Road? Closer to Mountbatten side, or closer to Siglap?

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

I think its smack in the middle..
I edited the post with address..