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26th Dec 2010: Boxing Day to the West of France by the Beach

Its been sometime every since I blogged... Like a few years?
Or finally had the time to do so.... Well... Truth to be told, more like had the discipline to sort out my super messy photo library to start blogging.... People who have read this blog know this is more of a photo blog with loads and loads of pictures!!! :) With France being the place that many people want to see or visit, I've gotta put my posts from more than 3 years ago up right? We gotta add to the picture library on Google anyway...
Kudos to the disciplined bloggers and video makers out there who have had the discipline to blog more regularly.. :P
After the whole day of Christmas eating and chilling and me not understanding much of anything in French or rather, my attempts to pick up French, it was the day after Christmas, aka, boxing day, cuz its the day we open the boxes of the presents we received on Christmas itself..
Papie spent his morning fixing something for Mamie

Not sure if anyone noticed or its just the elderly I've met so far... They all have the body alarm to wake up with roosters that wake up real early like 6am! Seriously.. I dont remember myself having such abilities since Cedar days...
Foie Gras prepared by Mamie
Seems like Mamie is preparing pan seared Foie Gras with apple compote for breakfast...
I woke up with the Biggest launay fixing something for Mamie in the morning and the my Little Launay watching TV in the living room...

Mamie made some soup which I had alot of... Being weight conscious and Animal conscious about the Foie Gras.... But With French soups.... Weight control probably wont be helpful... The soup itself probably is half filled with butter.... And they have croutons to top into the soup... and then cheese... and other sauces... pepper salt..... and we can all say goodbye to the waistline and hello to the booty...
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Leftover cheese assortment, crab and clams in the background
Mamie's salad
Mamie's salad
Pan seared Foie Gras with sauteed Apples
After lunch, we proceeded to fit the car with six people... My in laws, Isabelle and Patrick, grand in laws Papie and Mamie, then Yohan and I.... We headed to west of France to Brittany where its one of the places in France where you can see the coast.... It was like almost a 2 hour drive from Nantes to Brittany… I swore my ass was frozen when I got out of the car…. But the coast was much colder too being next to the see and all…
My mother in law tried to take some romantic shots for us…
We had a few struggles…. I tried the princess diaries “foot pop” Haha…
Just couldnt quite get it right….
I’ll say this is the right shot!
Or this one?
Three generation of Launay female in laws!
Still trying before we leave the beach… haha…

We proceeded to Guerande, the place that specially produces fleur de sel

These are the salt fields that produce the flower salt. Its a special salt used in deserts where the saltiness does not come with a hinge of bitterness, but sweetness.

Here is a souvenir shop that sells stuff that are made with fleur de sel, different types and grades of fleur de sel, and souvenirs!

Speaking of souvenirs, my mother in law got Yohan and I a simple souvenir that we can use for soups and breakfast cereals!

Scraping the top layer of salt of the salt pans..

Salt pans of Guerande

After which we headed back to the coast of Brittany..

Made a little stopover at Yohan’s uncle’s house near Le Croisic
Map picture
… It was a house they purchased but have yet to move in.. Smile

Stopover at a cafe by Le croisic before we head to Yohan’s granduncle’s place for light dinner….

so we chose this Creperie which serves crepes and galette…


Crepes are mainly sweetwith butter, honey, nutella and other sweet toppings…

Galettes are savoury with with toppings like ham, bacon, cheese, sausage, salad and eggs.

Mine is a egg and ham galette…

Someone ordered a crepe…. I think it is on Flambé, if you can see the flames…

Nutella crepes with ice cream

Cider from Bretagne

Beautiful tulips on the table top outside the cafe..

Never knew my husband’s family owned a construction company.. Smile with tongue out 

Other random shots taken from inside the car..


Light house or water tank… I think its a water tank..

Almond pastry candy
We finally made it at Yohan’s granduncle’s place..

Samosa’s for dinner.. I mentioned its a light dinner didn’t I? Smile

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