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27th Dec 2010: Post Christmas Dinner with Uncle Denis

Woke up to another awesome breakfast in Nantes at Mamie’s place. Well, actually, I kinda woke up to the awesome florenties that Mamie was baking for the dessert in the afternoon instead. The buttery crisp smell of almonds in a thin crispy pastry. Yummy… Cant wait for lunch when I havent even had breakfast.
The same brioche style bread for breakfast. Too bad they dont sell this elsewhere. The bread is so good on its own. Soft and sweet. Smile


My breakfast in France isnt complete without croissants. Its no wonder i gain 5 kg everytime I headed to France.
The dawgs join us for breakfast.. Open-mouthed smile

Hor d’oeuvres for lunch later….
Sausage wrapped with puff pastry dough
Cheese twists!

Mussels… An Aphrodisiac which I dont quite like… Taste very raw to me.. Confused smile

Salad for everyone! with Mimosas (Deviled eggs)

Yohan and I made a trip to the nearby Carrefour on foot to get some groceries!

I always love the French ladies table set up… I did the lotus on the plates… Does that make me one of the French ladies too?!?!?

See the beef cubes? That means we are having beef fondue later!


My in laws on the sides , Yohan’s mum’s brother. Denis, is the gentlemen in white sweater with hie wife Gaelle next to him.

Yohan’s cousin, Alexandre and Aurore

Mimosas (Deviled eggs)

Sauce collection from carrefour for the beef fondue!

We think of fondue as cheese and chocolate but here, its in oil.. So its kinds deep fried in my opinion..

Ice cream on grilled pine apple topped with a florentine!

After all the amount of food we ate, it was time to burn calories… So everyone danced…

If you did a fast scroll, you can actually see the motion of the mamie and papie dancing!


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