Wednesday, 1 July 2009

29th June 09-1st July 09: Bangkok Trip

With the decision to expand to Thailand, we decided to make a short trip to Bangkok to check out the market there.. And on top of that, make our annual charity donations to Poh Teck Tung.. So this trip was rather boring as shopping was litmited when all we do is look at meatballs.. HAha…
P6291735 P6291736 P6291737 P6291738 P6291739 P6291740
We met up with my relative in Thailand, Kamon, who brought us to great lunch, massage, and of course a dinner at a nice restaurant.. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant though… Too backdated…
P6301741 P6301742 P6301743 P6301744 P6301745 P6301746 P6301747 P6301748 P6301749 P6301750 P6301751 P6301752   P6301755 P6301756 P6301757 P6301758  P6301760 P6301761 P6301762 P6301763 P6301764  P6301766 P6301767 P6301768 P6301769 P6301770
I spent my last day in Bangkok walking around Central World and I found this interesting shop selling alcohol based ice cream.. :) So cool right? haha.. :DP7011771 P7011772 P7011773  P7011775

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