Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Miss Singapore World 2009 Pageant Moments-Part 1

Well, the Miss Singapore World 2009 Pageant is history for me now and there were many moments to share and talk about.. Of course, some were good and some were not so good.. As many people would have known the stories written by the local paparazzi…
The main part of the pageant started with the training done by Miss Genecia Luo, the 2nd runner up in Miss Universe 2006(I think). She does all kinds of training and you can check it out here..
After Genecia’s training class, which was one or two days after my birthday, was the Dog charity event.. So to raise funds for the dog shelters, girls contribute by by coming and joining the foodfare provided.. I joined with my three dogs and here is Wai Ying taking photos with my dogs.. Wai Ying is this half thai girl I met in the pageant.. She’s quite chatty.. And of course, I could learn some thai from her.. She loves golf too!! She even knows some international players… The only man I know is Tiger Woods.. –_-‘’’
P6271730 P6271731 P6271732 P6271733 P6271734
After that was the charity tea party at the DSA (Down syndrome Association)
I know.. I’m still chubby… But I was still losing weight in progress (Which I have gained all back by now.. –_-‘’’)
P7041777   P7041780 P7041781 P7041782 P7041783
 P7041784  P7041786 P7041787 P7041788 P7041789 P7041790 P7041791  P7041793 P7041794 P7041795 P7041797 P7041798 P7041799
After the charity tea party was the launch of the Singapore Food Festival at Swissotel.. As usual, I was on diet, so no food for me.. :( But the main theme of the foood festival this year was the Peranakan cuisine with Bengawan Solo taking the lead in being the main sponsor/organiser (not sure which.. )
This girl beside me in her little sarong kebaya is also Claire! Haha.. The kids simply love Ris.. Ris really likes children.. P7101810 P7101811  P7101813  6648_115508293872_528058872_2180182_8221618_n
After the food festival was the preview show for the Pageant.. P7111815 P7111817 P7111824 P7111825 P7111828 P7121830 P7121832 P7121834 P7121835 P7121836 P7121837 P7121841
 P7121842 P7121843
I hate it when I have an inch of make up on my face and I take photos with flash.. Its like ghost!
P7121845 P7121846
Some of the girls were so sweet to help the others celebrate their birthday during the pageant.. So sweet right?
P7121847 P7121848 P7121849 P7121850
P7121851 P7121852  6648_115522088872_528058872_2180519_7750423_n 6648_115522113872_528058872_2180522_3161273_n
6648_115530118872_528058872_2180629_1426958_n 6648_115530248872_528058872_2180653_7521017_n 6648_115530293872_528058872_2180660_5176337_n  6648_115530338872_528058872_2180669_3289536_n 6648_115530343872_528058872_2180670_5204479_n 6648_115530353872_528058872_2180672_6861376_n 6648_115530358872_528058872_2180673_4457413_n 6648_115530363872_528058872_2180674_7073105_n 6648_115530368872_528058872_2180675_678152_n 6648_115530083872_528058872_2180622_8057182_n 6648_115530088872_528058872_2180623_5148333_n  P7171853 DSC04672 DSC04673 DSC04674 DSC04675 DSC04676 DSC04677 DSC04678 DSC04679

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