Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ramen Play @ i12Katong and Seventh Haven Ice Cream

Yohan and I had dinner at Ramen Play, i12Katong (Sounds like I want to Katong?) It's not a place I would return to...

Felt like I was eating instant noodles.. The curry one.. It was rather pathetic for what it's worth $13.80 for the Pork Katsu Curry Ramen.. The soup was majorly curry powder in MSG in my opinion... The picture was misleading in the sense that we thought it would be Ramen in the curry sauce we eat in our favourite Japanese Curry rice.. Pork Katsu was good though... Breaded pork can't go too wrong right?

There was the bamboo chicken, top left corner.. $3 for half a bamboo of minced chicken meat. not worth $3 in my opinion. Its like 3 table spoons of minced chicken meat stuffed in a bamboo and char-grilled somehow. We were supposed to eat it with egg yolk, but the taste doesn't seem to match that well. Gyoza was pretty good. But they were a little stingy with the vinegar, which we can simply, of course take the trouble to ask for more. 6 pieces for $6.80. So that's $1.33 cents per piece? Ok.. Calculative much. But it was worthwhile... :)

After dinner, we had some ice cream. Butterscotch peacon was the first flavour the the second flavour was pistachio. :) They were both pretty good and pretty creamy. Only problem was that the flavour seemed to be lacking a strong taste. So after a few spoons of the ice cream, I felt like I was simply eating cream.

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