Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kungfu Paradise at Sembawang Shopping Centre ($0.50 for extra cheese sauce!)

An $8.90 Cream pasta
Simple Ham and Mushroom in cream sauce. I guess it can’t go too wrong? Pasta can be rather overpriced if there is alot of pasta and very little meat and other ingredients.
Kungfu master salad $5.90
Asian salad with a thai touch. I guess it’s not too difficult. Just a mixture of Thai chilli and fish sauce for the dressing.
(From Left) Iced Milk Tea $2.60
Vanilla Milk Shake $4.90
Orange Delight Smoothie $5.90
All the drinks above are very much over priced. Why? BEcause the cups are very small. The Iced milk tea, bigger in size is small than the usual bubble tea cup. The ones next to the milk tea cup? Let’s just say its probably 250ml? And the drinks were not worth the price.
$8.90 Tomato sauced bake Rice
I can’t really remember what this dish is called. but the name I described pretty much says every thing about the dish. I would have preferred the ones from Swensen’s. This is one is cheaper though. and the star point is that it was served on a hot plate. But the rice was rather plain. Felt like something that can be made on your own, or anyone could have done better perhaps? Some cooked rice on a casserole, topped off with tomato pasta sauce (The prego brand kinds?), A few pieces of chicken and a generous covering of red cheddar and mozarella blend cheese. You can buy a pack of these cheese from Cold Storage for $2.99. Voila. Bake Rice.

$5.90 Cheesy Potato Wedges

This was the dish that drove me angry. The wedges was a big portion, but the cheese was not sufficient for the portion provided. I think its their tactic to make you pay or something, because extra cheese in that small saucer is $0.50. One extra wouldn’t be enough. You will probably need two. So I guess that makes you  pay an extra $1? I’m amazed how people put in effort to set up restautants and plan a menu, but the y don’t bother thinking about the portion they give.


The bill was $43, 10% $4.30 and 7% 3.31


$50.61 for three people.

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