Monday, 6 February 2012

This is the main website for the spa. They are horrible. They kept calling for you to go down for an appointment and they won’t give up till you say a yes. So since its a free trial (Subjected to sales talk, bla bla bla, take a few thousand dollars package for god knows how many crappy sessions…), I just wanted to go use it since the location was near Yohan’s office. I could pick Yohan or something before or after that.
So I made my appointment for the shady and ominous looking Roxy Square II Outlet. I walk into the spa, and they look at me like I was a gold nugget. HAha.. Not really, but they asked for my name, so I said Claire Lee 2pm appointment. So without checking, they said they had no such record. How can it be? I missed yesterday’s appointment, and their fillipino booking officers called me to persuade me to go down again. So they could not offer me the service they promised. They had to call like 10 people and check before they tell me I have to come down another day.
Hello. You think your Roxy Square is accessible from all parts of Singapore is it. Please don’t waste customers time if you cannot offer them anything. And its not like I’m writing this without any clarification, but check out the conversation. They took bloody 3 weeks to reply a customer email.
-----Original Message-----
From: Claire []
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 8:21 PM
Subject: Screwed up Service
Your booking officers have been calling me time after time to come for a
crappy one hour treatment and I finally made my way to Roxy Square today at
2pm. And I found out that no appointment was made despite the message I
received confirming my appointment. How can your company waste potential
customers time like that? Be rest assured I will be sharing this matter in
every possible beauty forums, facebook and all other social media.
Sent from my iPhone
Dear Claire,
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. As with most
organisations, we have out-sourced certain functions and tele-service is one
such function. We do have processes in place to engage only service
providers of good quality, however regretfully such instances do happen from
time-to time. We take responsibility for this and would like to offer you
our apologies.
The details of your feedback have been brought to the attention of our
service partners. We are constantly fine-tuning the various procedures and
protocols with our service providers. Please provide us with your full name
and mobile number so that we may instruct our service providers to place you
under the "Do not call list".
We regret the inconvenience and annoyance this incident has caused you.
Best regards
Customer Service Ambassador
Ok. I agree I was rude in my email to them. But when you make somebody make a wasted trip, it is a big no no. Be it appointment with friends or going to teach my students or even going for a spa treatment. This is because, I make time to travel all the way there, set aside an hour or two for the appointment, and travel all the way to my next destination. The whole thing is at least two hours. If you play somebody out, can you imagine the time wasted, travelling cost etc? Imagine how much that person wasted when you play them out.
Look at their reply. I don’t think they are very apologetic. If they are, they should offer more than just a “we sincerely apologize” and goodbye! Thank god we don’t have to deal with this nasty customer. I agree I am nasty, but I am reasonable and good. If you are good, I recommend people, Is how support and I share. If you suck, good luck to you.


Bai Hu said...
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Bai Hu said...

All these so-called spa, beauty, slimming, yoga, or whatsoever centres who called u up are just a pile of shit. They just wanna lure u to try the complimentary session & half-way through the session, they will start their real 'sales talk' & give u all sorts of cock & bull stories. They will pester or even 'scold' u if u do not subscribe to their packages. My friend kenna one facial one at Toa Payoh MRT Station. She eventually signed up & the treatment left her with a face full of volcanoes. They did a 'remedial' session for her & ended up worse. Later, i dunno how they have settled this issue.