Sunday, 19 February 2012

Muthu’s Curry at Dempsey

It was one day before Father’s birthday and since it was a Sunday, we decided to go Long Beach at Dempsey. Unfortunately we forgot to make reservations. Usually I cook dinner on Sunday, so we are not too used to the concept that restaurants WILL be packed everywhere on Sundays. So no Long Beach.

We drove around Dempsey looking for a nice location for a family dinner. and we found ourselves at Muthu’s curry.

Fish potato cutlets $4 for 2 pieces. So 4 pieces on this plate is $8.
Although the price was high, this was a must try. The crust was crispy, and the inside was soft and fluffy.

Tandoor Chicken $11.00
The chicken was dry, lacking flavour and lacking the taste for the tandoor. Don’t bother ordering this.

Muthu’s signature dish. Fish Head Curry for 2 people $20
This is over rated. Just very spicy. Fish is really fresh though. But we all agreed that the curry fish head mum buys from M’sia is much better.

Butter Chicken $10
The butter chicken was the best dish of the night but the portion was very small. Like a knuckle size. Its worth ordering if you are willing to spend. Its creamy, and flavourful. Not spicy at all.

Mutton Vindaloo $11
The mutton Vindaloo was not my favourite because I dislike mutton. But Yohan loves it. Yohan loves mutton and lamb, So he likes the dish. Its a good dish for people who like mutton, but its the least popular dish of the night since most of us dislike it.

I found out that citibank credit cards get 10% off on weekdays and AMex users have 15% off on weekdays too. We missed the discount since we went on a Sunday. I suggest you go on weekdays because the bill for 5 people came up to $93.55 after 10% service and 7%GST. And don’t order drinks especially the Lassi because it is way overpriced.


Muthu’s Curry
The Muthu’s Cutty @ Dempsey
Blk 7, Dempsey Road, #01-01
Singapore 249671
Tel: 64745128
Fax: 64745129

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