Saturday, 4 February 2012

24th Dec: Christmas Eve in Nantes, France at Mamie's Place

It was like 5 or 6am in the morning. We had to wake up early to go to Nantes to celebrate Christmas at Mamie’s (Mamie is Yohan’s grandmother). P1010733
Since Yohan hasn’t converted his driving license, it was the first time I got to sit in the car that is driven by Yohan. We took Isa’s (Yohan’s mummy) car. P1010738P1010739
I love stopovers. Not for the peeing, but the shops there always gives you a nice break from the car ride. Was really tempted with the macarons. but 3.10 Euros for a macaron from Paul’s, think I rather save the money to buy those from Sadaharu or Pierre Hermes. P1010740P1010741
A coffee/soup machine. Probably one of the cheapest things I have seen in France so far.
Getting ready to get back on the road.

Finally arrived at Mamie’s but I think I was tired I didn’t take picture of Mamie’s house. Instead, I took picture of the sauce machine called “le Saucier” and a wine bottle cork remover which was wall attached. To attach something like this on the wall, I guess you must really open alot of bottles?

Here is the first appetiser for lunch. Salmon with bamboo shoots? Is it bamboo shots? I can’t remember, but it kinda reminds me of….. Hmmmm… Let’s leave that to everyone’s imagination.P1010749DSC03805DSC03810P1010753P1010754
Mamie (Grandmother), Yohan, Me and Papy (Grandfather).
Supermarket shopping for Christmas! I love Supermarkets, and I love supermarkets in France.
Display of Buche (aka Ice cream  cakes!!)P1010776P1010777P1010778
They look good right? Wish I could have one everyday.
More Yogurt
Still Yogurt!!!

No longer Yogurt. Its Pudding!!!
Cheese!!! Petit means small.. But This Brie ain’t petit compared to the normal Brie!
Foie Gras… Not my favourite…

Presents for Christmas!
We got Papy a Nose hair trimmer. He tried to use it on Mamie!
Aromatherapy for Isa. She loves Aroma and Scents!! Especially Vanilla!P1010809
Kiss for the camera!!
Mother and Son… Smile
Father, Son and future daughter-in-law.

My turn!!! My future mother in law bought me so many gifts!!!!
Gift number 1: Her Dog! (YEah right!)P1010822
Gift Number 2: Scratch cards!P1010826
Gift number 3: Make Up Box! (I seriously believe she bought the biggest available!)P1010828P1010829P1010830P1010831P1010832P1010833 Don’t think I own that much make up. Probably just enough for the first tier.
Gift number 3: French Manicure set (I still haven’t tried it after one year)P1010834P1010835P1010836P1010837P1010838
Gift number 4: Make up palette which contains everythingP1010839P1010840P1010841P1010843
Eye shadow, rouge, foundation, lipsticks. That is almost everything right?
Winter wear for the rest of the days in winter France!
A gift from Mamie: A shiny silver scarf… Smile I love the shine on the scarf.
Olive bath set from Mamie

Time for dinner. We are having appetisers only for Dinner… We just munch munch munch away!!P1010853
Little open face sandwiches
Bacon wrapped egg salad
More open face sandwiches
Quail Eggs in thousand island
Desserts from carrefour and my Buche!!P1010863

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Yohan said...

It is not bamboo shoots but aspargus :)