Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Birthday: Sweet Pleasure with Evan

Evan came over to stay two nights before my birthday and we made sweet pleasure together. My parents weren’t in Singapore so we kinda had the whole house to ourselves. So here is the completed product. :D I nearly forgot this entry cuz my photos were hidden somewhere in the computer. P6181721P6181722 P6181723 P6181724  P6181726  P6181728
Evan and I had alot of fun making the sugar decorations on top. However, by the time it was my birthday, the sugar decorations melted. So I had to redecorate the top plainly. :( Only problem with our sweet pleasure was that I didn’t have milk chocolate and the caramel we made for the Dacquoise was to hard. So we had a brittle instead.. –_-‘’’142 143
Evangeline got me a really great present! She made me a Summer Berries Charlotte!!!! Look at how beautiful! Sorry my iPhone didn’t do any justice to the cake, but my camera was flat.. :( Boohoo.. :( 144 145

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