Wednesday, 21 July 2010

16th January 2010: Meet the Family at Seletar Country Club

P1160708 P1160709 P1160710 P1160711

After meet the parents on the 15th January 2010, Yohan finally met the rest of the Tan family on the 16th January 2010…

P1160712 P1160713 P1160714 P1160715 P1160716 P1160717 P1160718

We wanted to play ping pong but the ping pong recreation was closed.. So we couldn’t play it… :-( On the bright side.. Yohan had a chance to play against my uncle Ah Siong.. :D

P1160719 P1160720 P1160721 P1160722 P1160723 P1160724

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