Friday, 9 July 2010

7th January 2010: Blood Donation


The last time I tried to donate blood, they didn’t allow me to, cuz I recovered from a cold three weeks ago.. So I tried to donate again at the blood donation centre at HSA.

I supposed I should be able to donate this time round, since I’m all clear. However, After all the waiting + paper procedure + doctor check ups and green lights, I still didn’t get to donate my blood because of one thing.. I had a low count of Haemoglobin.. 0.5 away from the safety mark to be exact.. That is so –_-zzzzz

The thing is the time I wasted to go all the way down there to do this and waste an hour of my time… With such cumbersome procedures, I’m not sure when will I go again cuz its just too much trouble and wasted time… Its alright for me to wait if I get to donate my blood, but if its like this, I don’t think its worthwhile..

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