Sunday, 25 July 2010

17th January 2010: Cousin’s One Year Old Birthday

P1170730 P1170731

It was my cousin’s daughter birthday.. My niece’s one year old birthday… Its not baby shower or is it?

 P1170733 P1170734

Yohan continued meeting the rest of the Tan family.. My cousins from 姨妈’s side of the family..

P1170735 P1170736 P1170737

My grandma and my aunts say that Yohan looks like my Cousin Cheng Xian… P1170738  P1170741 P1170742 P1170743 P1170745

Cute cupcakes… But I’m not so much into Marzipan art.. They are cute.. but they taste horrible!!! :X

 P1170746 P1170747 P1170749 P1170750  P1170752

We tied up Mango’s ears cuz her ears were getting dirty from the food and drinks.. Lol…

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