Monday, 26 July 2010

23rd Jan 2010: Wedding Dinner

I have not attended a wedding dinner for ages and it was such an honour to attend Sapphire’s Wedding.. It was Yohan’s first time at a chinese wedding. I thought it was really cool and fun for him.. :)

Also, It was the first time he put on a tie… He just looks so cute…

P1230770 P1230771        

I had tonsillitis and it was killing me though… My first tonsillitis in my life.. but Yohan showed me lots of care and love.. :) I thought it was sore throat initially, but it was far more painful than that.. Every bite, every swallow, it just hurts so badly…

Yohan was also suffering from a poor stomach from the chinese food at the hotel.. Maybe it was the fish.. :S

some tonsillitis advice.. Just see the doctor and get really good antibiotics!!!


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