Wednesday, 7 July 2010

5th Jan 2010: A Date

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I was going to date someone and it seems like some time since I have a date. So here is my secret man, Yohan. He is French. He sounded really cool.. And I really enjoyed chatting with him online.. I hoped he is as cool as he seem (and he really is)..

The creator of Laylio.. The new version today is MeRadio.. This man is going to change my life..

We went to Newton for dinner.. We ordered Satays and chicken and first thing I learnt about him is a) He loves chicken. b) He loves lime juice (which I so proudly sell).. We had a really nice talk and finding out about each other..

After dinner, we had dinner at his place.. He stayed at a really funny place though.. A building which is filled with escorts.. And his apartment is above the levels of pubs and clubs where the escorts work and they are his neighbours…

Things are going well..

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