Friday, 9 December 2011

23rd December 2010: Visiting Downtown Paris: Lafayette

Yohan and I were about to set off on our journey to downtown Paris. My first visit to the main features of Paris.
 But before all that, breakfast comes first. We got all dress up to go to.....

 The boulangerie (the bakery)

 Macarons are actually a staple in all the boulangeries in France!!!

 Look at the amazing display of pain (bread.. Yes... Bread is pain..)

 That's the typical Parisian breakfast for the Launay family...

Here is the beautiful garden in winter.. Not too bad right? Its not like everything is withered.

Bus stop outside the Launay's home..

Here we are at the neighbourhood station..

 Oooops... Censored..

 Winter shelters at the train stations to shelter us from the cold wind in winter!

 This photo is taken from the upper deck of the train. The train we took has an upper deck and a lower deck.

 CAn you see? stairs leading upstairs and den downstairs..
 That's the name of the station we were at..

 Arrived finally at Haussman St-Lazare after 20 mins?

 Salvation Army in France!!!

Can anyone tell? Presents are like "falling" from the sky!

 Funny dancing bears dancing to Abba's "Dancing Queen" song.

 Funny man in uniform..

 Earmuffs protecting ears from the cold..
 More Macarons!

 And Voila! Pierre Herme Paris!!!

 Look at the Piere Herme Macarons!!!

Coffee beans at the Nespresso shop!

Erhem... Assburger anyone?

 Nespresso shop!!! And nope... I dont think we have this in Singapore.. Makes you feel like drinking coffee right?

 Queueing for her supply of coffee!!

 And the opera!!

 Think its like an esplanade equivalent? Where you watch musical and stuff?

 Oooops... More PDA (Parisian Display of Affection)

 SNOW!!!! La Neige!

 Another Patissierie!!
 Boudain for lunch! Its chicken and milk stuffed sausage. It is eaten with apple sauce. My mother in law loves it so much she buys 10kg everytime she goes to the chacuterie at Mamie's (Grandma Launay)

Sausage hugging bread for appetisers.

 ME in snow
 More Boudain

 Fifille looking for the tennis ball... Its kinda funny cuz she looks stuck..

 Present wrapping for the night... Yohan and I brought our presents over to Paris to Wrap... Dont think he did a good job wrapping his Nephew, Owen's cadeau (Present)

Christmas Eve tomorrow!!

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