Saturday, 31 December 2011

Seletar Hills Restaurant

Found the receipt to this post, So I updated the price.
But the dishes at this restaurant are really good. There are some must tries and some if you feel like eating them.
Stir fried long beans with beef $9. Home classic. This is really good as the long beans are cooked and crunchy. The meat sauce is a little spicy for those who are intolerant to spicy food.
干炒牛河 Stir fried beef hor fun $9. My favourite. This is a must order. The taste is awesome. The ‘wok’ taste is there, and it taste really good. Generous portions of meat. Makes me feel like eating another one right now.
Salt and Pepper Chicken $12. Details are foggy. Remembered it to be spicy and good. It taste really good and awesome!!!!!
Stir fried venison $16. Venison is overcooked perhaps. A little tough on the bite. Taste is good though.
Sweet and sour pork $12. Yummilicious good. Not the best I have tried so I won’t really recommend sweet and sour pork critics. If you aren’t looking for the best, you can order this.
Fried rice $8. I’m not a fan, but the rest of the diners rave about the dish.
Now the desserts
Mango pudding looking like a sunflower $3.80, 50% promo for diners. My favourite. There were mango chunks inside and it taste really good.
Sea coconut and almond jelly $3.80, 50% promos for diners. Not bad. Simple dish.
Chendol $3.80, my mother’s favourite. Good in her opinion.

Towel $1.50/pax

Chinese tea $1.50/pax

Tung Po Pork, no picture $10.00

Fried buns $0.40 /pax


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