Friday, 30 December 2011

Café Oliv at East Coast Road

Got a $9.90 deal coupon which includes soup of the day, a drink (top up for drinks like hazelnut latte with ice cream), entree and a dessert.. The offer was worthwhile cuz we were too full by the time we finished our food... And the food we ordered was awesome!!!

As seen in the collage in the bottom left, is Yohan's beef stew with pilaf rice... Everything was great... For a non rice fan, the rice was very good... Really fragrant and tasted awesome!!! And the photo is the collage bottom right, was my order, black pepper pesto chicken... Chicken was really really good.. It had char-grilled taste... Unlike Aston's which was always missing the char-grilled taste... The bad part would be the baby potatoes. It was slightly undercook for me... Yohan felt it was ok though... So up to personal preference I guess?

Dessert was worthwhile if it came in the set, but not so worthwhile as an ala carte purchase... I wouldn't recommend the mud pie cuz it had some kinda funny artificial taste though...


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