Sunday, 18 December 2011

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Its’ one of My Bowen student, Dawn’s, birthday.. As a birthday present, I made her something I haven’t made in 2 years! cupcakes!!!


The first classic that always finishes up really fast, Cookie Monster!!!! IMG_0085

Who doesn’t like Cookies and cReam really? Remember the first time Oreo was introduced to you? open, Dunk and bite! Well, no milk here, but you can dunk it in the cookies and cream vanilla butter cream frosting..IMG_0086

IMG_0087 A little something for the curious younsters. Alcohol based cupcakes. Bailey’s hazelnut in everybite. Literally. In the cake, in the cream cheese frosting. Not in the hazelnut praline though.. But for Bailey’s lover, this is one to finish up!! Gulp Gulp…


Bailey Praline cupcake… Gulp…


Next Alcohol cupcake, Malibu Rum Coconut cupcakes. Think these ones would be perfect if you were at cafe del mar? By the beach, drinking Pina Colada and eating a Malibu Rum Coconut cupcake. SmileIMG_0091IMG_0092IMG_0093IMG_0094IMG_0095IMG_0096

The chocolate chip cupcake was not as simple as it sounds. Its Chocolate overload. Its like a chocolate chip cookie, but a cupcake version and with rich chocolate ganache, its death by chocolate. Chocolate in every single bite. Only for chocolate lovers. My cousin Jarren had three at one go!!! And chocolate loving husband literally ate it at every tea time and breakfast the past two days!


Happy Birthday Dawn!

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