Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ten Dollar Club Family KTV Karaoke

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Thanks to recommendation by Jiali, we didn’t have to spend 20++ per person at K-box. Yes. This is the $10 per person KTV that allows you to sing for maximum of 5 hours. Trade off would be

1. You must sign up for a 5 year membership for the deal if you are not a SAFRA member

2. You need to adhere to the time slot for singing. (See flyer)

3. Sometimes must pay plus plus and $0.50 per person for the towel

4. Location is not most accessible

5. Song request system not very user friendly

Other than that, its cheap and good!

Benefits include:

1. Membership is $5 for 5 years!

2. $10 with free flow drinks

3. Air-con (duh?)

4. $10 to sing till you lose your voice in 5 hours

5. Much cheaper than K-box or partyworld!


Ting Ying said...

can I ask, the song is latest or not so much choice? i mean for the youngster.. thanks

Ting Ying said...

the songs are latest one or not so much choice? i mean for the youngster.. thanks

Anonymous said...

I've been going to Ten dollar KTV about few years already... just went to the one at Balestier yesterday wif my friend ... free flow drinks and long hours of singing... hehe