Sunday, 11 December 2011


I bought some coupons to a restaurant in Thomson Plaza. Total let down. It was cheap. 1 main each (see photo below) 1 soup/drink each and a sharing dessert platter.
Furnishing and stuff were nice but the kitchen uses induction cooker, toasters, hot water pot, microwave oven.
Yohan and I shared the wrap by cutting our wrap into half and passing to each other. The wrap had a skin too thick and the ingredients were not wet enough to make it good. It lacks a moist factor in the wrap. Hence it was dry and not too tasty due to the overloaded skin.
Soup is... er-hem.... Instant hot water type. Yes...
My reaction to the soup!

I didnt take picture of the dessert platter cuz it wasnt that good. Ice cream was probably marigold or something?

Thomson Plaza

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