Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Orders from the Ds...

Thanks to Damien and Dave, I had a chance to bake another order after my return from Japan... And mind you, this was in August last year... Damien even drove down to my place to collect the cake! Ain't that nice?
This is an ultimate Chocolate lover cake.. You can't guess how many times chocolate was used in this recipe.. First, there is chocolate in the chocolate sponge.. Second, there is chocolate cake scraps in the cream cheese frosting with a touch of Bailey's.. And then, a luscious shiny coating of chocolate ganache coats the cake, topped with some White Lover cookies and oreo cookies on sides... And, Joey is a girl, so let's add the white chocolate coated strawberries for the added female touch for the birthday girl!
Dave ordered $50 worth of cookies to give them away.. That's so generous of him.. Maybe it was a way of make up? But whether it was or not, I really felt that it was sweet of him to do so.. So I made two new kinds of cookies... The one above is triple C.. Why did I name it that? Firstly, there is white Chocolate chip, secondly, there is chocolate Cake chunks, and lastly, its a Cookie!
ANd right above is Ginger Brulee!! Its actually a soft ginger spice cookie, topped with burnt suger, like the burnt cream on Creme Brulee! But this isn't the top fave for most people because spiced cookies and desserts still hasn't taken to the Local's liking... All locals think of when it comes to cookies are chocolates and nuts... Oh, and maybe sometimes raisins..

Above, is my old time favourite.. White lovers... Thin crispy cookies with a sandwiched layer of White Chocolate Ganache... Like the Shiroi Koibito from Hokkaido.. Except,I can't create that flaky, melt in your mouth feel of the Shiroi Koibito... And, the cookie is not as dark as the one and made.. And it doesn't turn soft soon.. Maybe its the vacuum packing?


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Thanks for the recommendation!