Friday, 8 August 2008

Bistro Au Petit and 2am Dessert Bar

Bistro Au Petit.. My first french dining experience... Surprisingly eh? Since I helped out at a French Pastry shop for 2 months, it is kind of a wonder why I never had any French Dining....

But thanks to Mr Samuel Chee, who returned from France a few weeks back, and missed French food, we decided to try out French dining in Singapore.. After a little research, I decided on Bistro Au Petit in Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village.. The biggest problem with night dining is the really bad lighting... No natural light, and restaurants are usually litted in orange glow lights to help stimulate your appetite.. Notice that ambience is really important.. Seldom do you enter dark restaurants.. Ever recalled a time you entered a restaurant with really dark lighting that it puts you off the idea of dinner? Maybe eating in the dark can help in my diet!! HAha... But again, think of the fast food restaurants.... They are mostly brightly lited... BArs on the other hand are dark cuz pple dun eat there... They drink...
So the photos are pretty bad...
I really tried my best to touch up these photos... So Be glad if you can figure out what's in the photo... Well, my cam's not that pro, so who am I to complain the lighting? Their photo turned out really great though... But that's professsional...
Lights are illuminated enough to see the food clearly.. But I think the shade of the light was to suit this feeling of Bistro FRance..
Samuel and I each ordered a set dinner... And we could make our selection based on the following:

Set Dinner Menu 38++ per person( Strictly no Sharing )

Platter of homemade duck rillette, roulade of foie gras and duck pâté in pastry
Lobster raviolis with sautéed spinach, tomato fondue and light bisque emulsion
Beef tartare served with mesclun and Parmesan crisp
Warm green asparagus, organic poached egg and smoked ham with garlic saffron mayonnaise and petit salad
Warm millefeuille of vegetables, cured salmon and couscous salad,tarragon dressing
Traditional “Bouillabaisse”

Main Course
Grainfed sirloin steak served with French fries“Grilled or Café de Paris ”
Braised lamb shank in white wine with homemade tagliatelle
Provencal-style braised pork spareribs with tomato and roots vegetables
Veal loin wrapped with grilled vegetables and bacon served with mashed potato
Black truffle risotto with Parmesan shavings and baby spinach, red wine sauce “Papillote” of fish of the day with julienne of vegetables and fresh herbs

Fresh fruit platter with a scoop of citrus sorbet

Chocolate tart fondant with pistachio ice cream

Choux buns with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds

Homemade cheesecake served with sorbet

Passionfruit Blanc Manger

“Coupe Latte”chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream
I didn't write the strictly no sharing.. Its the content on the menu.. SEriously! But the service is really long, you probably hungry enough not to share..
We were both served freshly baked fRench bread and its free flow! So you can keep asking for more!

So what did we eat? For me, I had

Traditional “Bouillabaisse” for appetiser

Provencal-style braised pork spareribs with tomato and roots vegetables
for main course

My date partner had
Lobster raviolis with sautéed spinach, tomato fondue and light bisque emulsionfor appetiser

Veal loin wrapped with grilled vegetables and bacon served with mashed potato
for main course

And yes... How can I do without deserts? Thank god SAm is a sweet tooth too.. So we didn't have to miss out the desserts on the menu...
Chocolate tart fondant with pistachio ice cream
Choux buns with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds

____________________________________________________________________________________ I think Samuel's tart wasn't very wow.. The crust lacked something I think... BUt the overall was just a fair.. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't fantastic either... Samuel oso felt that the standards were pretty far from the French food he had... Nice place to chill though... The service is kinda long, so make sure you have chatting company and probably something to read while waiting... But food presentation was definitely French enough...


2am Dessert Bar (Click for Link)

After the dinner, Sam and I met up with his gf.. It was the first time I was seeing her.. And the first respond I got from her shocked me.. Haha.. She asked "Aye? The Xiao Hua Xiao Cao Girl?"
Lol.. Its like a year ago since I joined... I went to Au Bistro Petit in August 8th 2008.. The U-channel's Hey! Gorgeous was in Septembet 2007.. I am really amazed someone knew me.. I thought not many people knew... Except for my classmates, friends and a really cool professor.. Lol.. I doubt some of my friends even know! But Sam's gal is really sweet.. and innocent.. Innocently cute... Haha.. So since dinner was on Sam, 2am Dessert Bar was on me... Besides, I had so much fun recalling my time in Hey! Gorgeous.. Lol..

Nope... I didn't take thhose picts above.. But the website in the link above had these pictures... The ambience deserves 8! I minus-ed 2 for the ambience because the toilet was always a long wait..
But the seats which we had that day was the main reason the ambience was so great... You could literally sleep there... Lighting was just nice and warm enough.. Not perfect for photos, but perfect for a Chillax session..

It ain't ca;;ed the Desert Bar for nothing.. They had pretty interesting desert creation... I would recommend the Twix... Check out my ugly photo... It doesn't do justice to their desert...

But thankfully, with they captured a better photo of their desert... Difference in the deserts? Can you spot? Hint* The crumble and the shape of the burnt caramel mousse's shape..
The other dessert we had was the Masala Chai Chocolate..

This one is a no no if you wanna order it... Its just chocolate cake with Sorbet... Nothing special in my opinion...


Fen said...

Hey Claire... The pictures are fine already... P&S are generally noisy when it is under low light... Nice montage :D

I do like the coloured pictures against desaturated background...

Though the toilet is a long wait but the design of the toilet is so lovely...

I didn't went back the second time becos the stuff were pretty pricey and they are more to a wine boutique... If only the ceilings are transparent, the seats are jus so comfortable to see Singapore cloudy night sky...

Fen said...

Before I forget, when are you free for Greenhouse? I understand that undergraduates are pretty busy... Drop me an sms to let me know...

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

Ello!! HAven't chatted with you for some time... P&S like quite sad hor? But I'm so lazy to cary a DSLR.. So I shall just pray that technology will advance till mini handhelds have the technology like DSLR.. Maybe the cam can auto swop the lens? :P

2am is quite pricey indeed... But I guess we're really paying for the ambience.. We probably need to spend a long time sitting there... To make the money worth... :P

And YES! EvaN told me about Greehouse liaoz... but ah-hem ah-hem(*looks at big tummy) cannot eat buffet liaoz... :'( maybe can go for obolo? Or canele? I haven't mademy virgin trip there yet!! Sinny was supposed to take me! But I guess I'll be taking EVan... Lol... Poor Sinny is really busy... :P

Fen said...

Alright, we will put Greenhouse later then...

P&S has been getting better in terms of technology, in fact under sufficient lighting, the pictures are always sharp and crisp... the only thing is whether you wan the effects or not..

Prosumer are smaller alternatives but not as small and sleek as P&S...

I don't mind going to Obolo and Canele but meanwhile we head off to BakerZin first bah...