Friday, 1 August 2008

7th Month Ceremony

Its just a few weeks after my return.. Union Camp is over.. and the start of the 7th month turned out to be earlier.. AS many people realised, the Lunar calender simply gets earlier every year.. After moving into my new place for so long, I have yet to take a proper video and proper picture of the my new place.. But here's a picture of my home's exterior.. I may need a bit of time before I go into taking a full scale portfolio of my home..
After making the necessary prayers for my new home and my parents business, I rushed off to meet poor Eileen who waited some time for me before we could have dinner.. Since I was taking bus at that time, it didn't help me to get there on time.. But poor Eileen didn't have to wait for me as long as she used to.. But that's no excuse for being late... We met at Miss Clarity cafe for dinner.. but the lighting was so bad... so it definitely was not the place for food photography.. Who could tell this was a breaded prawn salad?

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