Sunday, 3 August 2008

CCAC Outing

Its really been a long while since the dudes and dudettes of CCAC met up... Since I'm finally back and so is Lihui, the CCAC team finally had a chance to meet up.. 

Everyone must have been heavy since they decided to dine at a Japanese Food buffet place called Curry Flavour.. Or Curry Favour? Not so sure, but I know its at Novena Square.. The guys were buffeting their way and I joined the bunch of overstuffed CCACians, with the exception of Victoria who ordered a la carte.. It must have been the reduced metabolism of gals in our age that led to that choice.. I would have done the same though.. haha.. Blink blink Vicky baby!
We went to United Square for Starbucks coffee, and I found out that we can get a 30cents discount if we brought our own tumbler.. And here I have my esprit tumbler, which got the cute coffee guy teasing me about how difficult it was to make my drink.. And I had my whipped cream filled to the bream.. Haha.. As you can see on the zoom in below:

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