Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Can't wait to go Bangkok!

Well, I'm flying off on Wednesday!!! No media can disturb me.. Gonna fly to Bangkok... Not for shopping... Yah right! Of course for shopping! But its not the primary purpose... Gotta go pray and also do abit of charity donations... I might as well spread the word here... haha.. :)
There is a foundation in Thailand called Poh Tech Tung Foundation and it is founded and supported by Thai Chinese living in Thailand. They do rescue work and charity. There are many dead bodies in Thailand that are left unclaimed because they have no family or friends to claim them. These bodies can't be burried since no one is going to pay for their funeral. So these bodies are frozen in a large freezer room. What next? The Poh Teck Tung Foundation collects donations from people like me who donate coffins to them and they kind of 'queue' to be burried. It is really not expensive and we can really help someone rest in peace with just a bit of money. Each coffin is 550 Baht. That is like about S$23 or US$16.50. So if you are interested to help please do print out this map:
Pass to the taxi driver. They will take you there. Its near Bangkok Chinatown and when the taxi driver makes the turn at the roundabout, you're just 3 mins away. Oh, the entire thing is in Thai. The location is the little square in the top left corner. You can try telling the taxi driver "Poh1 Teck3 Tung2" (HYPY pronounciation)

The number of bodies the foundation helped is 7000 according to the website:
You can see pictures of how they help these people. So if you are flying to bangkok, make a trip there and help a fellow human rest in peace. Oh, I forgot to mention that this foundation is of Buddhist origins, so if non-buddhists who are uncomfortable with this, I'm sorry about it. I have no intention to make any religion feel uncomfortable about this.


evan 이벤젤린 said...

bangkok! hv fun girl :) buy something for me hehehehe

Dwight Turner said...

Sounds like you're headed for an adventure. I wish you luck and would love to hear how things go.