Friday, 9 October 2009

Shopping at Platinum Mall

The day started with another breakfast at Best Western hotel.. It was great to leave the hotel and see a row of beautifully baked bread.. It was weird to see how fresh it was when there was no bakery any where near this roadside stall selling bread…PA090378
Fresh fruit!! Pomegranate and apples.. Apples for S$0.40? Well, at least they are big and round!
PA090380 PA090381 PA090382
Just a little reminder why we should appreciate our lives and treat those who are suffering with compassion..
PA090383 PA090384 PA090385  PA090387 PA090388
Crepes~~ I’ve gotta get myself a pork floss one!! Yummy!!!!
PA090389 PA090390 PA090391 PA090392  PA090394
An earthquake in BAngkok is about S$12!! Too bad I was alone…
PA090395  PA090397
So I settled for a topless five..

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