Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Last Post on the Miss Singapore World Saga (Hopefully.. I'm not a paper selling tool!)

The popular online news, Temasek Review, actually wrote an article about my defense! Kinda shock, but touched.. I lost a friend, but I made many new ones.. :) I thank those who believed in me and supported me... For those who doubted me, its alright, because it boils down to perception. You believe what you want to believe. If you think I have my own intentions, then every evidence I present would have something which you can think about to make it seem like a make up story. So its alright, you don't have to believe me. It matters most to me that people who know me well know what are the kind of things I will do and what are the kind of things I won't do. Besides, I dun want to be Miss Singapore World. I want to be Claire, the friend that everyone knew and the daughter my parents had. Probably Claire of all trades need to drop something from the list: representing Singapore.

Too bad I can't tell the world what a great country Singapore is.How Marymount Convent School was a great primary school that laid my foundation for Secondary School education. And Cedar Girls', the school I came from, that moulded my strong headed and extroverted character and taught me the three most important values in my life: Honesty, Perserverance and Courtest. I wish I could tell the world Singapore have dedicated school teachers, like Miss Chng and Mr Yau from Cedar who taught me Chemistry and Physics and O'levels and they would stay back after school to teach me and help me with things I did not understand in class. Mr Tay, who was always making maths lessons so fun for students that maths was never a bore. Mrs Tay, his wife, my Sec 2 form teacher helped me with English by looking for extra practices to help me with English after school. She knows English was my weakest subject. I know I'm no Jade Seah in terms of my standard of English, but she played a part in making my English comprehendable for majority of the people I talk to. Even teachers who didn't teach me personally was willing to offer help! I would remember Mr Gary Sim helping me with Physics when I can't find Mr Yau. All my teachers, most of them still teaching in Cedar. Hopefully one of their students will do them proud and finish the legacy which I cannot complete. Cedar here, Cedar there..

What about AJ? Of course I can't leave AJ out. I spent two years as a Student Councilor, finished my A'level education there. Mrs Soon, Mr Patrick Lim, Mdm Jean Lee, and many other teachers who spent countless hours teaching me after school hours. Imagine ending lessons at 1730 and teaching a student like me till the sun sleeps!

And NTU, even if there are things which I complain and wished for the better in my University, nothing beat the great cohort of Aerospace dudes and dudettes I met, where everybody loved each other and we never bitch behind each other's back. We rather do it in each other faces.. Haha..

Everyone in my life who supported me, not only the ones from schools, but people I meet, with kindness showered upon each other.. This is all pretty much irrelevant in a strangers eyes. But I can't express how grateful I am for being a true blue Singaporean, and how grateful I am towards everyone whom have cared for me.

Lastly, I have stated my stand I am only defending myself. I will not take revenge or continue the nonsense. This is just an attempt for the media to sell the story. I mean its like the papers know very well that the tip off was from her ex-colleague (from what I heard) but only Ms Maureen in the New Paper could write me clean. Wanbao is still writing Ris' story about telling me her secret and I told on her (which I totally did not know). I probably knew the story later than most of the people reading this entry. So let's just end the chapter. I want a job (stilll hunting admist my other tasks) and I do not want to be pulled into all of this anymore.


Anonymous said...

Boomz, champions u.

everything about Miss World pageant is beginning to stink. the further away u stay from it, the better.

What we need is for an expose into ERM Marketing, and how they hold pageants. Does the international franchise approve of ERM's methods? Who is ERM accountable to - sponsors or Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

Clever girl. Sometimes it's better to just keep quiet. The more you say the more fault they will find just like her..who can't keep her mouth shut. It actually reflects badly on her but on the other hand she's probably seeking attention just what she always wanted. Cannot go Africa so her chance now is to create more attention for herself.

Anonymous said...

If Ris Low can learn from you, things will be a lot better, first for herself and second, for everyone. Have a great time in Thailand Claire! Glad to know that you're getting on with life just fine. That's the way to go!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, don't worry, just be calm. the truth will be out one day. most of the great people in the world, they were slandered, they persevered and at the end people see the truth.

Hang on there!