Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Me on Yahoo

Its not everyday you see yourself on Yahoo.. But thanks to Ris Low’s happy spouting of rubbish.. I see myself on yahoo news… Only problem is its not for something good.. It is so humiliating.. When people recognise me, I say no.. You got it wrong.. that’s not me.. Haha.. But I can’t hide the truth.. Some people just know.. me on yahoo
The other girls in the pageant told me they warned me to stay away from Ris but I was too “Blur” to take the hint.. Oh well, I seriously need to be more sensitive to hidden personalities… But I did think that she was really a sweet and nice girl.. She had her big bag for every show we had and she offered her dozen of lashes, tissues, and god knows what you need when ever someone needed it.. In fact, she even lent her shoes to a few girls… How can that be not nice? Which reminds me, she took my Image Shoe shop card.. And she never returned me… But I guess she won’t return me anymore.. :(
I hate my picture on Yahoo! That’s way too much make up for myself.. :S

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