Friday, 23 October 2009

Lunch in Malaysia, Ice cream in Taka and Dinner at Canele!!

Dad and I went into Malaysia for a little meeting in the factory and before that was lunch.. :) As Malaysia as it is, the food is cheap and really good..
PA230481 PA230482
The dishes were chye poh-neng (pickled radish omelette), fried tofu (yummy).. I love all these home made tofu.. Kicks up a good appetite for me!
PA230490 PA230483  PA230494 PA230493
We have plain cabbage, stir fried.. AS plain as it looks, it tastes really good.. With the taste of what we call “wok-hei'” which means the taste of the wok..
 PA230496 PA230497
I was supposed to meet prof butler for a dinner meet up.. :) and we met at Canele for the nice dinner.. :D And as usual, Prof butler treated me.. It was his first time, certainly not my first, but I’m really glad he liked his Cabonara.. I love the paris ham crepes with sunny side up egg in the middle, topped with garden salad… Its simply delish! :D

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