Thursday, 8 October 2009

8th October: Dinner at 南香元 Bangkok

Located at New Samyan of Bangkok, this restaurant was my all time favourite eating place in Bangkok..
PA080364 PA080365
I remember going to 南香园 (Pronounc-ed Nam Hiang Hng for the Teochews) when I was young in Bangkok. This restaurant has been here since my Dad was a kid..
Many people don’t know this, but there are many Teochews in Bangkok and they speak Teochew (Better than me!)
PA080366 PA080367
PA080368 PA080369
 PA080370 PA080371
The food there is really good except that is was way overprice.. If the lady boss was there, she would have given us a discount.. To bad she wasn’t.. Mummy invited her cousin and his family over to dinner…
 PA080372 PA080373 PA080374
Happened to pass by a truck and I saw money on the dashboard of the truck placed like that.. I was surprised that no one whacked the windscreen to get the money.. Then again, its just 3 twenty baht notes..

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