Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19th March Thai Food Dinner

I didn't prepare bento today.. So I was so hungry I had eat a meal outside.. So Akiko-chan took me to the mapo tofu restaurant the first time we ate.. I ordered this bowl of Chinese Rice bowl.. It had alot of rice, but the amount of dish on top of the rice was qite pathetic.. At least I had soup.. :S I thought this little display looked cute.. And Akiko-chan realised that I'm always taking pictures of condiment racks.. Apparently she's right.. XP

I met a Thai guy recently in the apartment I stay... He stays one level below me.. So This gave me a good chance to practise my Thai.. But he was nice to take for dinner in a Thai restaurant.. Food was expensive though.. Thik these five dishes totalled to about7000+ yen.. But it was a treat from Num(prounounced Noom)
This was the day I finally learnt to take spicy food!! In Japan, the ingredients are so good that any other foreign cuisine tastes better than the original location.. So I guess that's why I enjoyed the thai food at lemon grass!

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