Monday, 10 March 2008

10th Mar 08-14th March 08 Counting Down to White Day and Chocolate Potato Chips

10th March 2008: Hi Yo Ko ひよこ Look at this.. Itsn't cute? What does it remind you of? A chick!! Isn't it cute? This is actually a famous product from Tokyo.. One of my colleagues bought it from Tokyo and treated everyone.. Its has lotus bean paste on the inside, and the outside its a baked layer of cake like material..

11th March 2008: Chocolate Potato Chips

Ever heard of Royce? Many people love theis chocolate potato chips!!! Especually here in Japan.. You can actually purchase the chips online.. Royce potato chips are also available in Singapore.. I wikipedia-ed Royce and found out that their first international store was actually in Singapore. But it is pretty insane to pay $10 for a small box of chocolate potato chips.. So why not make your own? Its simple.. And since I'm in Japan, and there is no oven in my poor apartment, it swas something I could make!!


A pack of your favourite flavour of potatochips (about 60-80g)
80 g Dark or milk chocolate

1. Boil a pot of water, and put a bowl over the boiling water
2. Chop the chocolate bar to fine pieces (You can use chocolate chips too!)
3. Place the chopped chocolate or chocolate chips in the bowl of simmering water
4. Dip the chips in the chocolate and place in on a mat
5. Leave the chocolate to cool and solidify
5. Enjoy! So here is what I made!!! It tasted better than the ones by Royce actually cuz I found the crinkle cut chips to be too thick.. :P

12th March 2008: Lunch with Akiko

My dearest Piggy sister treated me to a fantastic set meal. The prices were pretty reasonable.. Like $8 for a set meal? And this place is run by a mother and daughter pair.. So you can see the setting of the humble shop is really nice and sweet.. :) It follows the setting of Indonesian tyle of furnishing..

And to make things simple, there are only two items to choose from the menu.. One is fish with Japanese style curry, and the other is beef roll potato croquette.. Both Akiko and I felt that beef roll potato croquette sounds tastier.. So we both ordered the same thing.. And there are these little baskets at every table to put your bags.. so you dun experience problems of discomfort of putting your bags on your laps or behind your chair..
And the food came!!! I promise its worth every cent of the $8 you pay.. In this case, the amount that dearest Akiko-chan paid.. Yes.. It was again another fantastic meal with compliments of Akiko-chan!!! And the food is so good, this was what's left!!

13th-14th May 2008: White Day (ホワイト デーHo-wa-i-to Dei)==> That's how you prononce it in Japanese...
Its white day tomorrow and I received something really nice with compliments from my supervisor in advance since he wqas not coming to work tomorrow..
I dropped by at Sogo on may way home and I saw guys buying cakes and gifts for girls.. Talk about last minute shopping.. But they have buy something for girls who gave them chocolate on Valentine's day.. It ued to be a tradition to buy something in return when they accept the girl's declaration of love, but the tradition has been changed to buying it as an obligation.. And its called an Ogiri choco..
On white day, the guys fromt he finance team bought cakes for all the girls in the office and of course I had a slice too!!!
This was really good.. Alterating later of cake and vanilla was fantatic. I'm really fascinated by how they sliced the cakes so thin...
And night was another Soka meeting to join.. So I went to the Hokkaido fair before heading for the Soka's Zadangai..I took a photo with Kani Oyaji, aka Uncle Crab.. He peaks pretty fair level of English and he offered me fresh Hokkaido Zuwai Kani!!!
After Zadangai, we had dinner with Hashimoto-san and wife.. It wasa another treat from Hashimotosan and we had a little celebration for his birthday which was on the March 9th..
We ate at Hakkenten again.. FOr some reason, Hashimoto-san and wife likes it there.. I had this porridge looking dish... What's it called? Hmm Let me ask Tat-chan.. According to Mr Tat-chan, its called Zou-Sui 雑炊

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