Monday, 10 March 2008

DOWN with everything!!!

The page has been remained the same for almotst two months since tha last entry... School has been really busy... Really really busy.. no time for baking.. No time for anything.. 23 AUs did not mean more turotials for me to complete, but rather, more projects and more content to catchup. Its a really good thing that my Malay elective never ever felt like a lesson to me.. Its a lesson I look forward to attending.. I think my interest really lies in languages.. That's why attending language lessons are not too taxing for me... But after being so`down with all the work I had to catch up due to my bad commitment the month of school, spending time on saving my relationship, I'm glad to say that the time and effort to save the relationship was all worth it.. He no longer have to waste his time and money on the stupid job and great eastern, and neither do I have to hear his worries on the job....

The worst thins is being down on technology... Notes to people:



Fixing my sister's comp costed me $106++ and $86 is for engineering fee!!

Worst part is that it takes them like forever just to get it fixed, the fujitsu tablet is down and its been sleeping in eight flags, NTU computer shop for three weeks!!! just because its waiting for parts arrival to fix it.. At least the guy is really nice to replace some parts of my computer...

Next in the bad tech line is my sony ericsson w960i


The service at Sony ericsson i pretty good. Its fast. But Despite my valid warranty, they did nothing!! THey held my phone for 5 days, gave me the trouble to travel to and fro 3 times! Once to sign an agreement that my warranty is not valid and in the event the phone cannot be recovered, Sony will not be responsible.

And the problem was unresolved.

My battery drains in 2 hours, jog wheel scrolls down even when I scroll up, insensitive touch screen.

The customer service girl told me:
"Sorry Mdm, Your phone cannot be recovered and it cannot be used anymore. The motherboard is very unstable due to the corrosion (Due to winter conditions in JApan I suspect, BUT HOW THE HELL I KNOW THE METALS USED IN PRODUCING MY SUPER EXPENSIVE SONY ERICSSON HANDPHONE WILL BE SO LOUSY?)
But I guess I can't do much since their cutomer policy is to be lousy and being irresponsible for product quality. If the mother board is not stable or corroded, i expect them to replace it if I did not drop it into water!
Next, I'm force to buy their media manager program to convert my video files to MP4 to view it on handphone. Why do I need to buy? Normal MP4 converters convert to MP4 files but the phone does not read that kind of MP4. That is simply ridiculous.

Next! DO NOT BUY SONY CAMERAS! My camera is down too!!!

After only one year usage, my lens spoilt just after the expire of my warranty. Its usuable but the lens vibrates, and of course, my images are blurred...

And now, I'm down with a cold, sick from pia-ing for accounting and its ENS presentation now... 11.5 hours in 4days.. no sleep the night before, not even a wink... I'm really down and ill...

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bacterium said...

Usually vendors do not repair them when the PCB/motherboard is oxidized/corroded. The cause of such issue would be just improper usage.

And oh crap, I just bought a w960 for someone..